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How to Keep Seedlings Organized

Over the years we have tried a number of methods to keep straight which seed was planted in which tray. Probably the worst one was when we put a label on top of the tray lid, indicating specifically what was what for each spot. Of course, when we removed the lid to water the seeds, [...]

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Seeds and the Seasons

The following is a guest post by a lovely woman named Amber from England. Their weather is similar to ours here in the northeast, but much less extreme and with milder winters. We always find it interesting to learn how others garden. Enjoy! Growing your garden can be so rewarding whether your passion is for [...]

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Gardening in a Strange New World

For those of us who remember life before personal computers, when your phone was attached to the wall and there were only a handful of TV stations and they actually signed off at night, social media is a very strange thing. Almost Sci-fi. The fact that you are reading this, likely many miles away, would [...]

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8 Things Every Seed Catalog Should Contain

There are a mere 12 seed catalogs in our house at the moment, after sharing and recycling the ones we no longer need. Admittedly, some never even get opened. The reason is because we know the way these catalogs are set up. Looking through a seed catalog should be fun, not work. And although I [...]

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3 + 4 + 13 Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors

We have posted before about starting seeds indoors, but wanted to add some additional information. 1. Consider pre-germinating. Some seeds, like tomatoes, eggplant and peppers can take a while to sprout unless they really have sufficient heat. Other seeds, such as beets and sunflowers, have tough seed coats. By pre-starting them before planting, you can [...]

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You Simply Cannot Buy GMO Seeds, You Can’t!

The original plan was to post this in a cute Dr. Seuss related lyric, but this is just too important. So let us just say this: You can’t buy GMO seeds. Not nowhere, not nohow. Unless you are a farmer, but farmer’s probably aren’t reading this. Or, if you happen to know an unlucky farmer [...]

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Now That the Ordering of Seeds is Complete…

Okay, okay… for those that know me well, you can stop laughing. There is never really an end to ordering seeds it seems, but at least the majority of what we intend to grow has been decided. Some will be successful we hope, some will be failures we’re sure. But for what it is worth, [...]

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Buying Seeds at the Supermarket

Now we’re not talking about buying seeds from the seed display your local grocery store might set up, or even buying open pollinated produce like squash or cantaloupe and saving those seeds. Certainly this isn’t about purchasing roots like ginger and horseradish to grow. No, this post is a wee bit different. We’ve talked before [...]

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New Edibles to Try for 2015

Part of the fun of gardening is trying new things. In the past we tried growing horseradish from a store bought root, and have been harvesting it now for years. Last season we planted ginger and turmeric, bringing them outdoors when the weather was warm then back inside to continue their long growing season. The [...]

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More of What’s New in Gardening for 2015

Here are two different seed suppliers to check out for 2015: Mike the Gardener While a lot of seed companies are mailing out eye candy in the form of catalogs, Mike has done something different. He lowered prices. How perfect is that in today’s economy? By joining his Seeds of the Month Club, you can [...]

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