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How to Grow Lima Beans

Some beans like it hot, and Limas are the perfect example. Grown either as a bush or a pole type bean, they are quite prolific as long as they get the heat they love. Plant when the weather has warmed up and the soil is dry; Limas are picky that way. If you soak them [...]

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How to Grow Cowpeas

This is the first time we have tried growing cowpeas, also known as black eyed peas, and found the experience to be quite delightful. They are a semi-vining crop, and did well both with a trellis and without. We tried two varieties, a Grey Speckled Palapye that is described by Baker Creek seed company as [...]

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How To Grow Chick Peas

AKA Garbanzo Beans or Ceci beans, these legumes are actually neither a pea nor a bean. They are not often found in the home garden, especially this far north. The reason is they prefer much hotter temperatures and lots of rain. We are just getting our first beans now, partly because of the weather but [...]

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Pole Beans, Bush Beans, and Say What?

Pole beans are the most noticeable beans that the home grower plants. The gorgeous way their tendrils gracefully grab onto a support and the sheer height they can achieve makes them a focal point in any garden. Red Runner beans and the purple podded pole types are some of the most colorful examples you can [...]

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How to Grow Soybeans

Also known as edamame or soya, soy beans are one of the oldest known crops. They are often served at Asian restaurants as an appetizer. Home grown podded beans, lightly steamed, are a delightfully sweet treat. Many consider it unsafe to eat soybeans raw. Plant the seeds after danger of frost, about 1 inch deep [...]

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The Versatile Tiger’s Eye Bean

Some vegetables are so demanding. Kohlrabi: “Pick me now! Pick me now or I’ll get too woody!” Lemon Cucumber: “Pick me now or I’ll get too seedy!” Then along comes the Tiger’s Eye Bean: “Well… you can pick me now and enjoy me as a snap bean, wait till my seeds get plump and taste [...]

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Buy Dry Beans Once, Grow Them Forever

You can purchase some dry bean seeds from your favorite seed supplier, or save some money by getting some ‘soup’ beans from the grocery store. We did this back in 2010, and have not had the need to buy seed since. Dry beans like those pictured below from the local grocery were a little over [...]

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How to Grow -Fava Beans

Trying something new in the garden always makes it that much more fun, and this year Fava Beans, aka Broad Beans were a first. And most certainly, not the last. Our plants began producing beautiful little white flowers with a tiny spec of black on each one. Beans in general are self-pollinating, which only means [...]

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Pole Beans Vs. Bush Beans

When planning your garden, whether to grow pole beans or bush beans is more often a decision that’s based on what variety of beans you want. If you are looking for a basic table green bean, then you have to make a decision. Pole beans will generally yield more veggie per space they use. You [...]

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How to Grow – Beans

As you’re planning your garden this winter, consider growing a variety of beans. They are highly complicated and have exceptionally particular growing requirements. Here’s what you’ll need to do: Put the seed in the soil, cover, water. Walk away. Just don’t go too far, they grow fast; they are actually that easy. There are two [...]

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