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6 Secrets to Growing Carrots

Growing carrots in the home garden will be more successful if you know a few things: 1. Carrots can be grown in the early spring, but their germination rate will be slower. The days to germination, as is also the case with days to maturity that are found on seed packets, are based on optimal [...]

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I am Curious Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple and White

It was a few years back Mandolin and I were checking out a new restaurant in town. Hey, once you’ve been in the business..what can say? So the veggie du jour was carrots- yellow and orange mixed carrots. Really? They come in different colors? Of course I planted yellow carrots for the first time the [...]

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How To Grow – Carrots

SaveTheWorld Jones suggested I be more specific on how to grow vegetables, so beginners like her will have the information they need to get started. She’s full of great ideas. I’m going to do some How-To posting on a veg-by-veg basis, starting with carrots. Carrots are a root vegetable which simply means that the part [...]

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