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Apr 23

11 Hints for Growing Strawberries

Gardening Jones shares some helpful tips for growing strawberries.

Growing strawberries is easy to do. Here are a few tips to make you even more successful. Start strawberry plants by seed by barely covering the seeds with a wee bit of potting soil. Keep them moist and warm until they sprout. When transplanting strawberry plants, be sure not to bury the crown, or the plant …

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Apr 18

3 Tips for Transplanting Tomatoes

Gardening Jones shares some quick tips for tomato success.

Whether you are transplanting tomatoes to a larger container or they are going into the garden, a little care can make a lot of difference. 1. Swirled roots. Tomatoes have massive root systems and can quickly fill a container. Even if they are not fully root bound, if you find your plants are swirling their …

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Apr 09

15 Tips for Growing Great Potatoes

Gardening Jones shares some tips to help you get a better harvest of potatoes.

Usually we would have our potatoes growing by now, but this spring has been unseasonably cold so we are holding off. Although they prefer a cool soil, we thought lows in the teens might be pushing it. Here are a few tips we have learned over the years to help you get the most bang for your buck: Jump …

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Mar 28

The Resilient Tomato Plant

Gardening Jones looks at how much a tomato can take, and still come up kicking.

As gardeners we tend to pamper each tomato plant. Not so much because they are delicate; I think perhaps it’s more because we really want them to grow successfully. Years ago I had a 6-cell pack of tomatoes get hit with frost. Still, they made it. Since then of course there have been mishaps, yet …

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