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Popcorn – You Can Grow That!

So much of the corn being grown in the US is now genetically engineered by crossing it with e. coli, then doused heavily with pesticides. Although you can find organic alternatives, if you have the room you can grow quite a lot of popcorn. Just 10 plants can yield anywhere from 4000-12000 kernels, in only […]

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How Much Room Does Corn Need to Grow?

My husband decided to be more involved in the garden this year, beyond just the grunt work. The idea was to work together and grow less variety of plants, but enough of each to last a year. So at the planning stage he gave his opinion about growing one of our favorites, sweet corn. “It […]

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How to Prevent Cross Pollination of Corn

Corn silks get pollen on them that is carried by the wind from the tassels of corn in the area. It may be from the same plant or from plants a distance away. If you are growing multiple kinds of corn, or a nearby neighbor has plants, you may want to insure you get what […]

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When Geeks Garden – The Corn Harvest

There are some gardeners I know that would be considered ‘uber’ geeks. You know who you are. In fact, I’m borrowing that expression from one of them. Although I’m not quite that advanced, there are things I do that makes my husband shake his head and giggle. “Why are there dates written on some of […]

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7 Easy Tips for Growing Better Corn

1. Corn likes fish. Corn grows best with a lot of nitrogen and phosphorous in the soil, something that fish provide. You can use old freezer burned fish. Just put one small piece in each hole before the seed. If animals have access to your garden, you may want to use a fish emulsion instead. […]

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How to Grow -Broomcorn

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just grow your own Autumn decorations, and have no need for something made in a factory far, far away? Ornamental gourds are one good way, as well as pumpkins and decorative corn stalks. Here’s another you may not have tried: Also known as ‘sorghum’ broomcorn is planted the same way […]

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How to Grow – Corn

All Corn is grown the same way regardless of what kind it is, here’s how: Make holes 1 inch deep and 8 inches apart, in blocks or squares; think of the number 5 on a die. Put a tiny piece of fish in each hole, then the seed. Cover with soil and water lightly. Keep […]

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Sweet Baby Corn

We don’t eat a lot of corn on the cob in the Jones household, and the fact that there are so many farms in our area that grow it -making it easy to get- I don’t waste my garden space on it. We do eat a lot of vegetable stir fry though, so I grow […]

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