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Parthenocarpic, What a Wonderful Word

It kind of just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it? What it refers to is a veggie, like the cucumber shown above, that does not need pollination to produce fruit. This particular one is called Corinto, an F1 hybrid that we purchased seeds from Johnny’s Select. We chose this one because it will bear a [...]

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How to Grow Gherkins

1975 was the first time I ever tasted a gherkin. Sure, Mandolin knew what they were; but for me these tiny pickles were just the neatest thing I ever saw. I was young, mind you, and have since seen many more neat things. This also was the summer Mandolin and I started dating again, which [...]

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How To Save Cucumber Seeds

Recently we decided to save more of our seeds than we had in previous years, including one of our favorites- the heirloom Lemon Cucumber. Cut the cuke, spread the seeds on a ceramic plate, walk away… Right? Um, no. The next morning most of the seeds were stuck fast to the plates. Rut Roh. So [...]

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How To Grow – Cucumbers

Cucumbers are relatives of melons, and are an easy to grow veggie for the home gardener. Maybe too easy. There are many varieties to choose from, such as mini-whites, lemon, Japanese burpless, as well as basic slicing and pickling cukes. Cucumbers can be quite prolific, so think about how many plants to put in based on how [...]

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