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Papalo = Cilantro + Lime

Can you imagine growing a year’s supply of cilantro without ever being concerned that it might bolt? Even better, add a few dashes of lime to that. Well that’s what we have here, Papalo. We talked about starting the plants last spring, and how intense the flavor is. Let me tell you that did not […]

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How to Propagate Basil

  With all the talk about regrowing edibles from scraps, we have not seen much about how to propagate basil. Yet it is very easy to use what is growing in your garden to keep a supply of fresh basil all year. What you see in the photo are  the tops of a few plants […]

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How & Why to Grow Papalo

We tried growing this unusual herb twice last summer by direct seeding. No go. They are reputed to have a very low germination rate, so we figured that was the reason. We were anxious to try this herb, widely used in Hispanic recipes and described as similar to cilantro but stronger, and with a hint […]

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Stevia – You Can Grow That!

Stevia has the reputation of being difficult to grow, and the truth is, it is just picky about germination. It can take a number of seeds to get one or two to sprout. Unlike most seeds, stevia needs the light to germinate. To plant, just lay the seeds right on top of your seed starting […]

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Aloe from Seed – You Can Grow That!

Every gardener, whether they admit it or not, has at some point grown something in spite of themselves. Perhaps they didn’t know any better; ask me sometime about my first experience playing golf (ps. don’t ask himself). Or maybe they gave up on a plant, only to have it thrive. Such was the case with […]

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How to Grow – Fenugreek

America really is the Melting Pot, and nobody knows this better than veggie gardeners. While many are familiar with numerous Asian veggies as well as those of Europe and our Indigenous peoples, less avail themselves of what the people of India have to offer. Of course, growing conditions are always a consideration. Still there are […]

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How to Grow Flax for Beauty and for Seeds

Flax seeds from your garden? Yep, you can grow that! Here’s a plant with a long growing history. In times gone by it was used not only to consume the seeds, but to weave clothes as well. We’re not taking it quite that far though. The beautiful feathery leaves on stems about 2-3 feet tall […]

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Curry – You Can Grow That!

It was about 3 years ago that I brought home a curry plant from the local nursery. My husband giggled “You can’t grow curry.” he said, “Curry is a combination of herbs and spices.” Of course it turned out he was right; after all, food is his field. Apparently what I had purchased was a […]

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How to Grow – Catnip

An easy to grow from seed member of the mint family, catnip does well in pots and prefers sun. It is perennial in Zones 3-9, making it a wonderful plant for many areas. Plant in the spring when the ground has warmed, covering the seeds lightly. Keep moist until they germinate. Like other mints, it […]

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How to Grow – Lavender

Often thought of as a flower, Lavender is an herb that has many things going for it. The first is obvious; the delicate leaves and beautiful flowers are reason enough to grow this plant in your garden. Get closer and you will find another one; the wonderful scent of the flowers is soothing and relaxing. […]

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