Category: Less Common Edibles

Turmeric, Papalo, Ginger, and more

Aug 19

The Watermelon Radish

Gardening Jones shares her take on this pretty radish variety.

It is always fun to try new veggie varieties. We enjoy seeing how they actually look compared to stock photos, if there is a difference in taste, learning about where they came from, and sharing all of that with you. Also known as Chinese Red Meat radish, this is a variety of Daikon radish from …

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Mar 18

Growing Chocolate

Gardening Jones shares an easy way to grow some chocolate flavor in your garden.

In a perfect world we would all be able to grow our own chocolate. Actually, that would be a fantasy world. Although you can grow a Cacao Tree under the right conditions, you will not likely actually get chocolate from it. You can get the scent of chocolate by growing Jerusalem Artichokes, which is wonderful …

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Feb 28

Mini Gardening

Gardening Jones shares an idea for a fun garden project to make with and for kids.

Going through my seed stash today and I noticed a pattern: Tom Thumb lettuce Tom Thumb peas Micro Tom Tomatoes Hmmm. And more: Dwarf Pak Choi Little Jade Napa Cabbage Dwarf Black Kale Mascotte green beans and Strawberry Popcorn Now these are all great if you have a small garden, or if, like me, you …

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Jan 30

Edible of the Month – Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash

This month, Gardening Jones features the Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash.

Originally called Green Striped Bell Squash in 1947, the seeds were acquired by Burpee, who changed the name. Some people suggest this is the same squash Thomas Jefferson referred to as Potato Pumpkin. The flesh is pale, sweet and dry. Many gardeners say the flavor isn’t that great compared to other winter squashes. Others say the sweet potato …

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