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6 Ways to Get Your Lemon On in Cooler Regions

So you love the taste of lemon but think you can’t get it where you live? Actually, you can. Here’s how: 1. Lemon Grass Well known in Thai recipes, West Indian lemon grass grows wonderfully flavored bulbs. East Indian lemon grass also has the citrus flavor, but not as strong as the bulbs are smaller. […]

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How to Grow -Okra

Okra are easy enough to grow. Soaking the seeds helps for better germination, and you can start the plants indoors to get a jump on the season. Just be sure to wait until it’s nice and warm out to put them in the soil. Okra prefer full sun and although they would rather have a […]

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Eat Vegetables? They’re Yucky!

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that Mandolin and I are cutting out most animal products from our diets- to see if our health improves. And although I do have some fresh veggies left from last season, as well and frozen, canned and dried- we wanted to add to that selection. So off we […]

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February Friday Fairy Gardens

As a child I vividly remember watching one evening as the fairies danced and played on top of the tall grasses in the fields near our house. I have no idea where the memory comes from- a dream perhaps, or a book- but the memory remains. So when I heard about ‘Fairy Gardens’ recently I […]

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Growing Things- Bowls

Other than the obvious difference between a vase and a bowl, there are two others when crafting one from a gourd: 1. You are probably going to want the inside to be much cleaner, and 2. You can go wild decorating the bowl Prepare your gourd as you did the vase, but make the cut […]

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Growing Things- Vases

We talked before about Growing Gourds, Drying them and Crafting Birdhouses– today let’s talk about making vases. These are also made from the ‘Birdhouse’ or ‘Bottle’ Gourds, you will need one that stands without wobbling. The first thing to do after the outside of the gourd has been cleaned is to cut the top off. […]

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Growing Things

Our gardens provide us with beauty, with food, and with good health- they can also provide us with ‘items’. The list of what plant life can be turned into items is long. For example, most of us have come into contact with a wooden bowl- did you know they can actually be made out of […]

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How To Grow – Vietnamese Fuzzy Gourd

A relative of cucumbers and melons, this interesting veggie is just as easy to grow. It’s sensitive to transplanting, so be careful if you choose to start indoors, about a month or so before the frosts have ended. You can direct seed in early summer, covering the seeds a bit and watering. It produces a […]

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How to- Dry Birdhouse Gourds

Gourds are about 90% water. Towards the end of the growing season, about the mid to end of September here in Zone 5, reduce watering to encourage gourds to dry. It is best to leave the gourds on the vine until after the first frost. They can be left this way all winter, but will […]

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Grow Your Own Birdhouse

As a Master Gardener, I go out to groups to present talks on different gardening subjects. My most requested presentation is on how to grow and craft birdhouse gourds. Birdhouse Gourds, Lagenaria siceraria (also known as Bottle Gourds) are the seeds most commonly used for gourd birdhouses. They require a full growing season, 100-120 days. […]

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