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You don’t have to live in the south to grow really great peanuts.

baby peanut plant

Aww, look how cute.

This legume, relative to the common green bean, grows a bit differently. The plant itself is a bush type, producing pretty little self-fertile yellow flowers that bend down to the soil and send in a shoot that the peanut will grow on.

peanut plant's flowers

A nut in the works.

When you harvest them it looks like they are growing on the roots, like potatoes; but you can see the difference in these pictures.

harvesting peanuts

Pull them all out.


harvesting peanuts

A closer look.

Peanuts do take a long time to grow, about 120-150 days until they can be harvested. You should look for hulls that are turning dark inside as these are more mature.
Plant about 1.5 inches deep, and about 8 inches apart. They like an acidic and loose soil. Keep them well watered if the weather is dry. Mulching will help hold moisture as well as control weeds.

When ready to harvest, pull out the whole plant and hang it in a place to dry for a week or so. You can then store the peanuts in an airy spot or in a mesh bag and just roast as needed.
Or, make your own peanut butter.

It’s very important that peanuts are harvested and dried correctly. Read more here.

FAQ: Can I use peanuts from the market for seeds?
Answer: Yes, if you can find unroasted nuts. You can, however, save some of the nuts you grow to replant the following year.

Botanical name: Arachis hypogaea
Days to Maturity: 120-150, at least
Yield: Multiple peanuts per seed planted. Most often 6-8.
Storage: In an airy spot, or make peanut butter.


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