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3 Types of Peas

Here in northern USA we consider ourselves lucky that we have two pea growing seasons, plenty of time to plant both in early spring and again in late summer. Which kind of pea(s) any gardener plants is a matter of preference, but the different types are often confused with one another: 1. Snow Peas Known [...]

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How To Grow Chick Peas

AKA Garbanzo Beans or Ceci beans, these legumes are actually neither a pea nor a bean. They are not often found in the home garden, especially this far north. The reason is they prefer much hotter temperatures and lots of rain. We are just getting our first beans now, partly because of the weather but [...]

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How To Grow – Peas

Peas are one of my favorite veggies for two reasons: 1. They are one of the first seeds to get planted in spring. 2. They are also a great fall crop. Peas can be planted ‘as soon as the ground can be worked’ which around here is usually mid-March. Many gardeners say plant Peas for [...]

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Peas to Please

I’m in gardening withdrawl, are you? I love green peas mainly because they are one of the first seeds to go into the ground in spring. As soon as the ground can be worked – one of my favorite sayings – you simply push that pea seed in. Regular green peas are the ‘shelling’ type, [...]

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