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12 Do’s & Do Not’s of Growing Peppers

Like their cousins the tomatoes, peppers are a very popular home garden crop. They have similar needs and wants, but not the same. Here are some hints to growing peppers that we have learned over the years: Whether you grow sweet, hot, or both: Don’t Plant them as deep as tomatoes. You can put the [...]

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Peter Piper, Pick This!

“My peppers aren’t happy” I commented to the manager of the local farm & garden store two weeks ago. “Nobody’s peppers are happy” he responded. “They’re all so small” added the owner, who was standing nearby, “the plants and the peppers, too- they’re so small.” I have pepper plants from two different providers, plus peppers [...]

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How to Grow – Peppers

Sweet and Hot Peppers are relatively easy to grow. Peppers are members of the nightshade family, and like their cousins eggplants and tomatoes, they like warm weather. They take about 4 months from seed to table, so plan on either starting indoors or buying transplants. We start indoors about 8 weeks before planting time. Be [...]

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