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The Easiest Way to Grow Potatoes

Known as the Ruth Stout Method of growing potatoes, we tried this the last two years and it works great. It is important to have a good loose soil. In Ruth’s case her soil had been tilled for a number of years in a row. Simply lay the spuds on the soil, or like Ruth [...]

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9 Reasons to Grow Potatoes

Potatoes often seem to get overlooked when people plant their vegetable gardens. A friend of mine commented “Why bother growing potatoes? They are pretty cheap to buy and there can’t be that much difference in taste. Really, a potato is just a potato.” There were a few things my friend didn’t know: 1. Potatoes have [...]

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Early and Odd Potatoes

Blame it on the snow in May, the rainy June and the heat spell in July; most of our potato crop came in light and early this year. They actually were harvested a few weeks ago, and so far we’ve only produced a ration of about 2.5:1. Disappointing, but we take what we get. There [...]

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3 Ways to Purchase Potatoes to Grow at Home

There are three main places to purchase potatoes to grow in your garden. Many think the cheapest place is the local grocery, and perhaps it is. I looked at some store prices and the least expensive was $3.99 for a 5 pound bag. Some were easily $1.99 per pound. These are just basic potatoes, the [...]

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The Bad Volunteer

Volunteer plants, or plants that grow in your garden unexpectedly, are usually a good thing. Mint likes to reseed itself in our garden, so I pot it up and give it away. Likewise whatever comes out of the compost, I’m hoping these will grow up to be cantaloupes, but I’ll probably get cucumbers. There is [...]

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How to ‘Hill’ Potatoes

I once read that there are more ways to prepare and serve a potato than any other vegetable. So when people ask me, “If you could only grow one veggie, what would it be?” I first think what a horrible situation that would be, and under what cataclysmic event did such a circumstance arise…and after [...]

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Starting Taters Indoors

I never would have thought of starting taters indoors- until I saw it mentioned on Facebook. Seriously, growing them is so easy, why bother? His response, and his method- soon to be dubbed “The Gilbert Hodges Method” in our Facebook Group Gardenaholics Anonymous, were simple- To eat fresh Taters weeks or even months earlier. Sounds [...]

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A Small Hoop House

About a month ago I tried starting potatoes indoors, after reading about it in Gardenholics Anonymous- a great group with tons of shared info. Within no time they sprouted, I potted them up, and they began to take over the dining room- some were as tall as two feet! I needed to get them out [...]

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For Tater Lovers

I posted before about growing potatoes, but when I was buying some today to put in the garden, I felt I should give you a little more information. You see, they had about 6 different kinds to choose from, so I thought, in case you are faced with the same thing, I’d tell you who’s [...]

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How to Grow – Potatoes

Anyone who has ever composted knows that some veggies just grow themselves. Melons, squashes, gourds and potatoes are the most prolific. That being said, many gardeners have found ways to complicate the process. So here’s how to grow potatoes from the easiest method on up. In early to mid-spring: 1. Put a potato in the [...]

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