How to Grow- Red Summer Raspberries, part 2

If you’re new to raspberries, please read part 1 first.
Also note that there are ever-bearing raspberries that will produce a small crop the first year.

raspberries in the home garden

over sized and over grown

Raspberries like good composted soil and a lot of sun.
Soaker hoses are the best way to give them the water they need.

raspberries in the home garden


What they don’t like is overcrowding.
Mine were a few years old and I kept expanding the bed, to the point where I could hardly walk between that and the next one over.
It was time.

raspberries in the home garden

for the greater good

I really hate any kind of thinning that involves killing plants but it was long overdo.
I also wanted to make them look prettier by adding a trellis of sorts.

raspberries in the home garden

a first year cane in early spring

The canes were just coming up so the time was perfect.
By reducing the length and the width of the bed, the overall size was almost half what it had become.

raspberries in the home garden

it wont be long now

I also added fresh compost, and the canes seemed to rally and thrive.
In fact, I got more berries this season than I did the past.
I guess sometimes less yields more.

the garden in early May

smaller but more productive

But then, I couldn’t just have an empty spot.
So I planted another dwarf pear tree.

pear flowers

they even look sweet

Mmmm…Pear-Raspberry Brandy.

Here are some great Q’s and A’s on Raspberries from the Extension Office of North Dakota State.


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How To Grow – Red Summer Raspberries

I love raspberries and fortunately, I’m the only one in the house that does.
They are expensive in the stores because they do not transport well and are difficult to mass harvest.
But they are easy enough to grow at home; this is how to grow summer-bearing red raspberries:

home grown raspberries

before spring pruning

You buy some raspberry canes and plant them according to the instructions.
Generally, they like a lot of sun and they don’t like to get their feet wet.

home grown raspberries


The first year they do not produce, but will the following year.
The second year you will also see more canes coming up, they will produce the third year and so on.
Once a cane produces, prune it out; it will not produce again.

home grown raspberries

come June in Zone 5

Raspberry roots will find their way underground to open areas and try to grow there, as far as 3 feet or more away. They are easy enough to just pull out, but you wouldn’t want them near anything permanent like a strawberry or asparagus bed.

homegrown red raspberries

mmm...and all mine

There are a few options to dealing with the cane’s height. You can trellis them, keep them pruned to about 5 ft. tall, or tie together teepee style.
I have also seen wire and stakes-fence style- used to hold them back.
Up until this year I have just kept mine at about 5 ft. tall.

After seeing some lovely photos of raspberry canes done prettily, I think I’ll build them a trellis. After all, it’s their 5th. Anniversary and we do get along quite well.

Botanical name: Rubus idaeus
Yield: Prolific perennial.
Hardiness: Zones 4-7, or choose a cold hardy variety
Harvest: As berries ripen, here that is in early summer.
Storage: Freeze or can as jam or juice.

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