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9 Common Myths About Zucchini

Not all zucchini are created equal. Here are a few common thoughts about this misunderstood garden plant: 1. Zucchini are dark green. The most common varieties of zucchini grown and seen in grocery stores are dark green, but there are a number of zucchini varieties that are different colors and even striped. Zucchini are squashes [...]

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Zucchini – When More is Less

My husband Mandolin Jones always jokes that “Two zucchini plants are at least one too many.” It is not hard to understand his thinking. Back in our restaurant days it what quite common for us to find ‘donations’ of surplus green squash on our stoop. The local gardeners knew they would not go to waste. [...]

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It’s Not a Pumpkinini

We started three types of squash seeds indoors, and planted them in the new garden area. Which variety was where, was clearly marked. Somewhat unusual for us. This was the first fruit to develop where we planted the Kikuza squash. Only, well, it didn’t look like the picture on the seed packet. In fact, it [...]

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Name That Squash

When spring finally arrives each year, the garden plans are well thought out and written down. In pencil. Things happen, right? The voles stole a number of our seeds and seedlings this year. It snowed in May. Go figure. So plans change and don’t always get written down. Sure, we know where the Kuri, Dishpan [...]

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I Pollinated a Squash, and I Liked It

Mandolin Jones jokes that two zucchini plants are “at least one too many.” It’s true, there have been years where we have been inundated with zucchini. This year probably won’t be any different. I tried to restrain myself, really. So we only have three plants of Cashflow Zucchini in the garden, and three more of [...]

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The Skinny on Squash

If you want to save the seeds from your squash, but are concerned about cross pollination and growing some freakish veggie the following year, the answer is simple: CHOOSE WISELY Squash only cross with others in the same species; so if you choose only one from each species, you can rest assured. Unless your neighbor [...]

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How to Grow 4 Squash Varieties Vertically with Friends in Low Places

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Where The Boys Are

I often get asked “I have a lot of squash flowers, but no squash. Why?” and “Why are my zucchini (or courgettes) shriveling up and falling off?” I get the same questions for winter squash. Squash have male and female flowers. The females have little tiny babies at the base, the males only have stems. [...]

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How to Grow – Squash

Squashes are one of the most commonly grown foods in the home garden. After all danger of frost is over, simply plant 2 or 3 seeds in a hill, space your hills 1-2 feet apart. Squash like a very fertile soil, so have at it with the fertilizer. An old time farmer told me once: [...]

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