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sweet potatoes

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Growing food is easy-
The hard part sometimes is finding that out.

I LOVE sweet potatoes (not yams- what you buy or grow here, whatever anyone says, is a sweet potato.)
Up until this year I always purchased ‘slips’ to grow them, through the mail at about $1 each.
Last year I did find some locally, a 4-pack was $2.50… better, but still a cost.
And since I grow a lot, it adds up.

sweet potato

slips starting

So this year I decided to try starting my own slips, and it turns out it was easier than I expected.

sweet potato slips

just add water

My taters from last fall cooperated by providing me with slips for free.
I simply snapped off a few, both tall and shorter, and placed them in a sunny windowsill with water.

I also cut one still attached to some potato, that one I placed in seed starter.
Two weeks later and they are doing great.

sweet potato slips

$5 saved

Most sweet potatoes found in your local grocery have been treated to prevent budding.
Here’s a great video on the subject. I recommend it highly!

sweet potatoes

and a little more

It is still about 4 months until they can be planted outside, so I will pot them up and transplant when the time comes.

potato sprouts

potato sprouts

Hmmm…. I think my white and sweet potatoes are in cahoots.

On starting slips.
A delightful video, enjoy!
How to Plant
Tell me more, tell me more.
The song reference.


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How to Grow- Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are grown from plants called ‘slips’ that you can either purchase or try your hand at growing them (how-to link below).

growing sweet potatoes

leaves + stem + roots = slip

They are part of the Morning Glory family and produce a beautiful vine.
Some people even grow them as houseplants, they are that nice looking.

growing sweet potatoes

Easy as sweet potato pie.

They are not related to potatoes and you don’t grow them that way.

They like a nice loose soil, feel free to add plenty of compost.
Plant about a foot apart after the frosts are all over and the soil is warm.

Many people in this area use black plastic to help the spoil warm up faster.

Simply plop a slip in a hole, close it up and water.
Like any veggie, watch after it until it gets going, then that’s it.

growing sweet potatoes

sweet potato peeking out

The lovely vines help control any weeds.

You can harvest at any time, but you will get more the longer you let them grow.
Do get them out before the frost comes though.

growing sweet potatoes

The vines growing through the fence.

Harvest by digging them very carefully, and allowing them to air out for a week or so before storing (more specifics on that in another post.)

Botanical name: Ipomoea batatas
Yield: 3-4 lbs./slip planted
Days to maturity: 90
Spacing: 12-18″
Harvest: Before frost.
Storage: Store fresh, can be frozen or pressure canned.

How I started Slips
Try starting your own slips- here’s how.

The difference between Sweet Potatoes and Yams.

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