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Feb 25

4 Ways to Get Tomatoes Sooner

Gardening Jones shares a few tips to help you get your homegrown tomatoes sooner. Yum!

It probably dates back to the Victory Gardens, or even before, that suburban gardeners have unspoken competitions as to who would get that first ripe tomato. For us country dwellers, it is more a matter of feeding the need to taste a sun ripened tomato again ASAP that drives us to find ways to make …

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Aug 02

0 to 60

Gardening Jones shares her personal effort to live healthier by her next birthday.

It was just about 2 months ago that I shared with y’all my intentions on improving my health before my 60th. birthday. Nothing drastic, but there is always room to make things better. I kind of like change. Which is a very good thing this since about half way through the 60 days I got …

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Jul 21

Bug Repellent Soap – A True Test

Gardening Jones shares how she accidentally tested out her new Flea Repellent Soap.

As many of you know, we recently began offering our handmade soaps for sale to the public. We began with the varieties our families and friends like the best, Coffee, Citrus, and of course Lavender. Then we put it out to y’all on Facebook, to see if you would be interested in some of our …

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Jul 04

30 to 60

Gardening Jones shares some positive ways to help handle an unexpected life change.

I hit the ground running about a month ago, in an effort to make some positive life changes before my 60th. birthday. <– This link talks about that. And I did. Down 7 pounds and a few inches, feeling more physically fit and energetic, and sleeping better. I’m sure the diet and exercise changes were …

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Jun 11

Gardening for Brain Power

Gardening Jones takes a look at exercising your brain through gardening.

Many years ago I read of a study that showed that activities that involve the brain having to predict outcomes help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Other studies have shown that physical exercise alone may help, but this study was more specifc and certainly more emphasis was on the types of activities. These included chess and …

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Jun 10

Not ‘Just Another Hoe’

cobrahead tools

‘Weed’ is an interesting word. It is both a noun and a verb, the meaning of the verb is to get rid of the noun. You might consider the opposite of ‘weed’ to be ‘harvest’. Also a noun and a verb, though here the meaning of the verb is to gather in the noun. As …

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Jun 04

You Can Grow That – In a Greenhouse

Gardening Jones takes a look at how she is using her wee greenhouse to get more produce.

Admittedly I was disappointed in the wee greenhouse we bought; I had expected more. I thought it would stay warmer during the cold, and I didn’t expect it to be able to get so hot so very fast. I had done some reading up on it, but most people that write or videotape about their …

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Jun 02

60 Till 60

In 60 days I will be 60 years old, a feat not everyone gets to enjoy. But when I take stock in how well I am aging, I find a number of areas for improvement. I often have to take steps one at a time due to joint issues. I find I am having sinus problems …

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May 21

A Perennial Food Garden

Gardening Jones shares what she is doing to make part of her gardening easier.

There’s an old joke that the older you get, the farther away the ground gets. It’s funny, but it’s also basically true. Our largest part of the garden is by the road, which also seems to be getting farther away. The beds are raised, but only slightly. So we decided to make that part the …

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Apr 15

Easy Raised Beds

Gardening Jones shares some tips for making easy raised beds.

You can build a raised bed pert near anywhere. All you need is the right sun requirements for what you want to grow, and materials for the bed that will hold the soil. If the area you choose is on an incline, make sure you keep your bed level. Otherwise, after a rain you will …

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