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May 03

2 Americans’ Ireland Experience

Gardening Jones shares some of the sights and sounds she and himself enjoyed while in Ireland.

    It was 10 years ago that himself and meself boarded a plane and flew across the pond to Ireland. Unlike most tourists, or so they told us, we were not there to discover our family history. We are both of Irish descent though. Himself‘s mother was 100% American-Irish, and while mine was also, …

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Jul 21

Bug Repellent Soap – A True Test

Gardening Jones shares how she accidentally tested out her new Flea Repellent Soap.

As many of you know, we recently began offering our handmade soaps for sale to the public. We began with the varieties our families and friends like the best, Coffee, Citrus, and of course Lavender. Then we put it out to y’all on Facebook, to see if you would be interested in some of our …

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Jun 10

Not ‘Just Another Hoe’

dandelion weed

‘Weed’ is an interesting word. It is both a noun and a verb, the meaning of the verb is to get rid of the noun. You might consider the opposite of ‘weed’ to be ‘harvest’. Also a noun and a verb, though here the meaning of the verb is to gather in the noun. As …

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Jun 04

You Can Grow That – In a Greenhouse

Gardening Jones takes a look at how she is using her wee greenhouse to get more produce.

Admittedly I was disappointed in the wee greenhouse we bought; I had expected more. I thought it would stay warmer during the cold, and I didn’t expect it to be able to get so hot so very fast. I had done some reading up on it, but most people that write or videotape about their …

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Apr 04

Veggie Conversation Starters – You Can Grow That!

Gardening Jones looks at the many color varieties available in a few everyday veggies.

Whether it’s in your garden or at the table, they are so many different varieties of everyday veggies that you are bound to get them talking; if only to say “You can grow that?” Let’s look at cauliflower as an example. So many kids, and adults as well, shy away from this healthy veggie. But …

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Jan 03

Toxic Waste

The Intrepid Gardener shares her first experiences in the veggie garden.

This guest post was printed with permission by the author Cheryl Pendleton Knepper, aka The Intrepid Gardener Years ago when we first moved to Arkansas, I really, really wanted to start a garden, but sadly the soil here is made of lots of clay (lots). That combined with no knowledge of growing in the extreme …

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Dec 12

El Nino and the Record Breaking Winter

Gardening Jones takes a look at how El Nino is, and could, affect vegetable gardening.

Here in the northern part of the U. S. we have been experiencing some of the warmest winter weather in history. Today, as an example, the high temperature of 59F is 24 degrees warmer than the historical average of 35F. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Soon the days will be getting longer again. Add …

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Sep 12

Fall in the Northeast Garden

fall gardening

“Just like that,” he said, “and it’s Fall.” It was only a week ago we still had the AC on, and now our overnight temperatures are quickly approaching the 40’s. Fall can come fast in the Northeast. But that doesn’t stop the gardening of course. Today we are moving a planter tomato and an eggplant into …

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Sep 06

The Forest for the Trees

seed head

The expression “doesn’t see the forest for the trees” refers to a person who is so caught up in details that they are missing the overall picture. As gardeners, we sometimes do the opposite. There is so much detail happening in the garden, and too often we miss it. So today I’m going to share …

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Jul 31

Product Review Update: The Veggie Mold

cucumber 002

Last winter we took a look at a product called Veggie Mold. It was too early to try it out then, but now that we have we are quite impressed. We placed the mold over a pretty small cucumber. I remember actually wondering if we should have used the smaller mold, the cuke looked so …

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