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Jan 21

Small Space Gardening

Gardening Jones is growing her own sweet potato slips.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are downsizing the gardens this year. Dramatically down. From about 800 sq. ft. plus containers, we’re going down to less than 200 plus containers. In the pic above the colored areas were all planted last year. What it doesn’t show is on the left, the yellow box …

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Mar 05

5 Tips for Choosing Veggie Seedlings


So your garden plans are ready, now it’s just a matter of time until the local farm and garden nursery stocks their veggie seedlings. And one plant is pretty much like the next, right? Not really. So before you walk into the arms of that gardening high we all feel, make a few notes as …

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Feb 25

4 Ways to Get Tomatoes Sooner

Gardening Jones shares a few tips to help you get your homegrown tomatoes sooner. Yum!

It probably dates back to the Victory Gardens, or even before, that suburban gardeners have unspoken competitions as to who would get that first ripe tomato. For us country dwellers, it is more a matter of feeding the need to taste a sun ripened tomato again ASAP that drives us to find ways to make …

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Feb 21

Garden Planning – 5 Resources

Gardening Jones looks at a few good sites for gardening info, besides her own of course.

Even though I have been gardening for 30 years, and blogging about for over 7, I still turn to others to learn more. Like any good pursuit, the quest for getting better and more successful at it never ends. There are a few sites that I value BAE 😉 that I would like to share …

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Feb 07

Garden Planning – 7 Tips for Stocking the Larder Shelves

Gardening Jones looks at planning a garden with storing the harvest in mind.

Himself and I are about as different as any two married people can be. He’s coffee, I’m tea. He’s salty, I’m sweet. If it is a choice between going left and going right, we won’t go the same way. For years after we got married we would buy two different brands of toothpaste. You get …

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Jan 30

Garden Planning – Using Visuals

Gardening Jones shares how she plans out the gardens each year.

Gardeners know the winter months are made more bearable by planning for the upcoming gardening seasons. We like to use visuals to get a feel for what we will plant. It also is a great way to remember for the following year, in case some crop rotation is needed. Usually we start out with a …

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Oct 23

7 Random Gardening Tips

Gardening Jones shares a few gardening tips, including info on making these Tomato Shooters.

Here are a handful of gardening tips to help make your experience just a little more successful, and therefore, enjoyable: Your tomatoes can still ripen on the vine even when frost threatens them. Simply dig them up, trim off the dirty end or wash, and hang the plants upside down in a warm area. They …

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Aug 12

Too Many Tomatoes? Bite Your Tongue!

Gardening Jones share a few things you can do when the weight of your tomatoes is more than the plant can bear.

So we’re having a really great tomato season here in the northeast. Really great. We protect our crop from squirrels, and in spite of the overabundance of insects caused in part by the mild winter, we haven’t had one, knock on wood, tomato horn worm. The mild temps did bring about a few bad bugs that …

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Jul 31

9 Plus More Random Gardening Tips

Gardening Jones share some gardening tips you just might not know yet.

Like most of things in life, there is always something new to learn from others. Perhaps they learned from first hand experience or maybe they were educated by someone else. Either way, when they share it is priceless. So here are a few things that might help you be more successful in your garden. Oh, …

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Jul 16

5 Good Reasons for Pruning Your Vegetables

Gardening Jones shares some good reasons to do more pruning in your vegetable garden.

Sure, you probably know that pruning fruit trees and vines helps to make them grow healthier and be more productive. Did you know the same can be said for your vegetable garden? Here are a few reasons why pruning can help you get more from your garden: 1. It improves air circulation around the plants, which …

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