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Edible of the Month – Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash

Originally called Green Striped Bell Squash in 1947, the seeds were acquired by Burpee, who changed the name. Some people suggest this is the same squash Thomas Jefferson referred to as Potato Pumpkin. The flesh is pale, sweet and dry. Many gardeners say the flavor isn’t that great compared to other winter squashes. Others say the sweet potato […]


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The Big Bug Hunt

Because I am obsessed with gardening, my husband says “possessed”, I often come across sites that not everyone will find. That was the case this morning when I opened an email from Mother Earth News. I will admit I don’t always open their emails, but this particular one was on planning  a garden and if […]

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Avoiding Squash Vine Borers

Knock on wood squash vine borers have never been an issue for us, at least not yet. It tends to happen more in the South, but we are not immune here in the North. I have seen many social media posts by equaintances describing the devastation these hard to get rid of pests can cause, […]

January 4, 2016 · gj · 4 Comments
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Toxic Waste

This guest post was printed with permission by the author Cheryl Pendleton Knepper, aka The Intrepid Gardener Years ago when we first moved to Arkansas, I really, really wanted to start a garden, but sadly the soil here is made of lots of clay (lots). That combined with no knowledge of growing in the extreme […]

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What to Do in the Garden – January

Winter seems to drag on forever; then before you know it, it’s Spring. Getting prepared is a fun thing to do in January. By now you probably have at least a few calendars for the new year. This month we go through our seed packets, especially anything that is new to us, and mark on the calendar […]

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Edible of the Month – Butterbush Butternut Squash

Since we are talking about squash anyway, I thought it appropriate to share more in depth info on our newest favorite winter squash. This little hybrid, note: not GMO, was developed primarily for growing in containers. We started ours indoors early and really got a good jump start on the season. Seeds planted in March […]

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5 Things to Know About Plant Pollination

Knowing how plants are pollinated can help you get a better harvest. The most confusion we see about pollination centers around the terms self-pollination and cross-pollinated. Here’s the deal: 1. Self-pollinated does not refer to a gardener moving pollen from a male flower to a female flower themselves. This is hand pollination. 2. This term is often, […]

December 19, 2015 · gj · 4 Comments
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El Nino and the Record Breaking Winter

Here in the northern part of the U. S. we have been experiencing some of the warmest winter weather in history. Today, as an example, the high temperature of 59F is 24 degrees warmer than the historical average of 35F. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Soon the days will be getting longer again. Add […]

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What to Do in the Garden -December

There are a few gardening tasks that can be enjoyed this month. If your ground isn’t frozen yet, you can still plant garlic. It’s pushing it, but not too late early in the month if you haven’t planted yet. Be sure to mulch it well when the snow starts to fall, to help keep the […]

December 5, 2015 · gj · 4 Comments
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New Seeds for the 2016 Garden

Here’s a look at some of the new edibles we will be trying, and sharing info about, in the upcoming gardening season. Have you grown any of these before? Cumin Chervil Anise Ashitaba Seakale Chickory Cardamon Sesame Camas Amole Savory Sorrel Valerian Radicchio Broom Tree Plant There will also be a few new flowers, like […]

November 29, 2015 · gj · 4 Comments
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