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Fall Gardening in a Greenhouse

It’s that time of year here in Zone 5/6 NE. Pa., and I’m doing my homework to make the most of the greenhouse as the temperatures drop. At the end of this post you’ll find a few links we thought to be helpful. Our average fall frost is about 4-6 weeks away, and we have [...]

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The Gardening Half Way Mark

Do you find yourself looking back at the gardening year-to-date when you get mid-way through? That’s about where we are here in our Zone 5/6 gardens, and while we anxiously wait for spaces to open for our Fall plants, we also make notes as to what we intend to change next year. We would love [...]

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2 Simple Things About Cross Pollination

There are a lot of misconceptions, no pun intended, out there about plants and cross pollination. Here’s the truth: 1. Plants can only cross with others of the same species, literally. 2. It will only affect the seeds. So, can a cantaloupe cross with a cucumber? No, because a melon is Cucumus melo and a [...]

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Calling it Quits

Often there comes a time when you realize it is better to pull plants and replant something else. Such was the case this year with our potatoes. We got them planted on time, but the spring turned back into winter, then into summer briefly, back again to spring… well, you get the idea. Throw in [...]

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How to Avoid the Need for Insecticides

Consider: Insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs as well as bad bugs. Organic insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs and bad bugs. Insecticides should be avoided, and by all means when used, used properly. Here’s the thing. Some gardeners make the assumption that if an insecticide is organic, it is okay to use with abandon. It isn’t [...]

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10 Tips to Get More From Your Garden

  If you are going to put the time in to get dirty, you may as well get the most bang for the buck right? So here’s what we do to maximize our growing areas:  Plant as much of the year as possible. For great info on this, check out Year Round Vegetable Gardener by [...]

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When to Start Planting a Fall Garden

Depending on your location of course, another round of planting might just be something you can do. This link from Territorial Seeds, shared by my e-friend Rich, gives you a good starting point with which to work. They are located in Oregon, so adjust the timing as needed. Another great way to get started on [...]

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How to Get Melons Sooner

If you click on the picture above you can see where 6 melons are growing on this single potted plant. Not bad at all for this Zone 5/6 area at the end of June. For most gardens around here, these kinds of crops might be just starting to flower. You can see the first melon, [...]

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A Front Yard Edible Garden

“Excuse me,” a woman stopped me in the parking lot of the local grocery store, “I recognized your car. Aren’t you the house with the garden?” And that’s how we are known to a lot of people in the area, because of our roadside edible garden. From this angle as a gardener you may recognize [...]

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6 Most Common Tomato Problems

Every person that grows food probably grows tomatoes, so we do get asked a lot about the common tomato problems they encounter. Here are the most FAQ’s: 1. What is this black rotten spot on my tomato? Chances are you have Blossom End Rot, especially if the spot is on the opposite side of the [...]

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