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How to Get Melons Sooner

If you click on the picture above you can see where 6 melons are growing on this single potted plant. Not bad at all for this Zone 5/6 area at the end of June. For most gardens around here, these kinds of crops might be just starting to flower. You can see the first melon, […]

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Beat Those Winter Blues by Growing Some Green

There are a number of edible plants that are easy to grow indoors, and help make the winter go by just a little faster. Here are a few we suggest: 1. Micro Tom Tomatoes are the smallest growing tomato plant, only getting to a height of about 8 inches. In just less than 3 months […]

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12 Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs to Grow Indoors

When it comes to larger financial decisions, my husband and I hold off unless we both agree. Usually, when one person doesn’t want to spend the money, the other one finds creative ways to talk him into it. рЯШЙ And so it was with an unheated room that would be a great place to not […]

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5 Points to Help With Container Gardening

There are some wonderful gardeners out there who grow solely in containers; they are to be admired. Even if you have a nice sized garden, container gardening can allow you to grow more invasive plants, as well as some items you might otherwise not be able to. Here are a few things we’ve learned that […]

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Container Gardening

The front of our roadside garden has always had a weed issue. There are fields across the road and lots of undeveloped land in the area, making it a prime spot for unwanted greenery. This year we decided to shut the bed down for a while. We covered it with newspaper, heavy landscaping fabric and […]

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Simple Yet Fun, Garden Whimsy

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” ~Picasso At this time of year there is not a lot coming in from the garden, enough to munch on for sure and even some to store for the winter; but other than a little weeding there isn’t much work play time. Unless you create your […]

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