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Oct 04

A Positive Attitude – You Can Grow That!

smiles in the garden

“It seems like gardeners are never happy,” my husband commented a number of years ago, “Either it’s too hot or it’s too cold, too much rain or not enough. I thought gardening was supposed to be fun.” Now I knew he wasn’t talking about gardeners in general, he only knows one. He meant me. And …

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Nov 15

How to Over-Winter Gnomes

gnomes in the home

Not all gnomes are cold hardy, in fact some do not handle the outdoors well at all. Unfortunately they are not labeled and won’t tell you themselves. As of yet nobody has compiled a classification table for them, but we’re working on it. So all a gardener can do for now is to use your …

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Feb 24

February Friday Fairy Gardens pt. 4

miniatures in the garden

Tiny Treasures – a guest post by Arlena Schott Garden Wise Living TV (with photo comments by GJ) When I think about Miniature Gardening I smile …those tiny little Chairs and Miniature Chandeliers are enough to bring the kid out in all of us I will never refer to Miniature Gardening as a Trend. A …

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Feb 17

February Friday Fairy Gardens, pt. 3

fairy and miniature gardens

This is the second guest post by Patti Kuhlman you can find part 1 here. Now, for the final and most fun part of building a fairy garden is decorating the garden with miniature “fairy” accessories, which are generally the size of “dollhouse” accent pieces. How to decorate is limited only by your own imagination! …

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Feb 10

February Friday Fairy Gardens pt. 2

a fairy garden

Today’s post is from a more experienced Fairy Garden maker- Patti Kuhlman. Patti primarily offers wholesale fairy garden items, but graciously agreed to write for us. What is a Fairy Garden? It is a small whimsical place where fairies reside. It is said that a fairy garden will bring laughter, joy and magic to your …

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Feb 03

February Friday Fairy Gardens

fairy gourd house

As a child I vividly remember watching one evening as the fairies danced and played on top of the tall grasses in the fields near our house. I have no idea where the memory comes from- a dream perhaps, or a book- but the memory remains. So when I heard about ‘Fairy Gardens’ recently I …

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