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Avoiding Squash Vine Borers

Knock on wood squash vine borers have never been an issue for us, at least not yet. It tends to happen more in the South, but we are not immune here in the North. I have seen many social media posts by equaintances describing the devastation these hard to get rid of pests can cause, […]


January 4, 2016 · gj · 4 Comments
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5 Things to Know About Plant Pollination

Knowing how plants are pollinated can help you get a better harvest. The most confusion we see about pollination centers around the terms self-pollination and cross-pollinated. Here’s the deal: 1. Self-pollinated does not refer to a gardener moving pollen from a male flower to a female flower themselves. This is hand pollination. 2. This term is often, […]

December 19, 2015 · gj · 4 Comments
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A Gardener’s Dilemma – Pineberry

  The wonderful hybrid (not genetically engineered) Pineberry is a variety of strawberry somewhat new to our gardens. We purchased only one plant last spring, they can be somewhat expensive after all, and planted it in a new bed with a few strawberry plants we got from their runners. We did what we normally do with a […]

November 17, 2015 · gj · 3 Comments
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Getting Serious About Growing Tomatoes

I mentioned earlier that this past summer was not our best gardening season. It was in fact the second worst ever, which is saying a lot. And our tomato harvest was not spared. Between the late spring that never left, and the summer that arrived in September, there is very little fruit to can. This […]

October 24, 2015 · gj · 5 Comments
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Maintaining a Seed Stash

So you have decided to build up a supply of seeds. That’s great! We’ve looked at getting started before, and discussed saving seeds as well. But we have not written about one question we get asked a lot: How long will seeds last? More specifically, how long will seeds remain viable with a decent germination […]

October 18, 2015 · gj · 2 Comments
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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Vegetables

Or fruit, for that matter. If you are new to growing food, you will find that what you harvest doesn’t necessarily look like what you see at the grocery store. The reason is simple: Produce that doesn’t meet the standards of appearance that grocery chains look for gets tossed. Yep, wasted; and they were otherwise […]

September 26, 2015 · gj · No Comments
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Fall in the Northeast Garden pt. 2

Our roadside gardens become completely inaccessible in the winter for us, mainly because they sit atop a small hill that can become dangerous when the wintry weather hits. In these areas we do not attempt to push the season, but rather just make starting again when spring comes a little easier. Of course, this comes […]

September 13, 2015 · gj · 2 Comments
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2 Simple Things About Cross Pollination

There are a lot of misconceptions, no pun intended, out there about plants and cross pollination. Here’s the truth: 1. Plants can only cross with others of the same species, literally. 2. It will only affect the seeds. So, can a cantaloupe cross with a cucumber? No, because a melon is Cucumus melo and a […]

July 26, 2015 · gj · No Comments
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Calling it Quits

Often there comes a time when you realize it is better to pull plants and replant something else. Such was the case this year with our potatoes. We got them planted on time, but the spring turned back into winter, then into summer briefly, back again to spring… well, you get the idea. Throw in […]

July 25, 2015 · gj · 4 Comments
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How to Avoid the Need for Insecticides

Consider: Insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs as well as bad bugs. Organic insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs and bad bugs. Insecticides should be avoided, and by all means when used, used properly. Here’s the thing. Some gardeners make the assumption that if an insecticide is organic, it is okay to use with abandon. It isn’t […]

July 19, 2015 · gj · 2 Comments
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