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2 Simple Things About Cross Pollination

There are a lot of misconceptions, no pun intended, out there about plants and cross pollination. Here’s the truth: 1. Plants can only cross with others of the same species, literally. 2. It will only affect the seeds. So, can a cantaloupe cross with a cucumber? No, because a melon is Cucumus melo and a [...]

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Calling it Quits

Often there comes a time when you realize it is better to pull plants and replant something else. Such was the case this year with our potatoes. We got them planted on time, but the spring turned back into winter, then into summer briefly, back again to spring… well, you get the idea. Throw in [...]

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How to Avoid the Need for Insecticides

Consider: Insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs as well as bad bugs. Organic insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs and bad bugs. Insecticides should be avoided, and by all means when used, used properly. Here’s the thing. Some gardeners make the assumption that if an insecticide is organic, it is okay to use with abandon. It isn’t [...]

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6 Most Common Tomato Problems

Every person that grows food probably grows tomatoes, so we do get asked a lot about the common tomato problems they encounter. Here are the most FAQ’s: 1. What is this black rotten spot on my tomato? Chances are you have Blossom End Rot, especially if the spot is on the opposite side of the [...]

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FAQ: When to Harvest Vegetables?

For new gardeners and also for anyone growing something new, when to harvest vegetables and other common edibles is a big question. Too soon, and it may taste like grocery store produce. Too late, and it might be tough, woody or full of seeds. So as not to try to reinvent the wheel, please hop [...]

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The Colors of Vegetables – Is it Just Eye Candy?

You probably have heard terms like phytonutrients and antioxidants used when people are talking about nutrition, or maybe when they are trying to sell you a food product. It is part of the same idea of eating a rainbow, in that by choosing a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables, you will get a [...]

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Winterizing the Garden

It’s spring in Australia, and just cool enough now that our southern neighbors are starting their fall gardens. Areas north have already received snow. Here in Northeastern Pa. it’s time to put most of the garden to bed for the winter. There are a number of ways you can do this, this is what’s happening [...]

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2 Ways to Thwart Birds

There are two problems with birds in our roadside garden this time of year. The first is that they are stealing seeds. Specifically, squash seeds. They must be attracted by the newly turned soil and its promise of worms; the seeds they find are most likely just a bonus. But of the 6 squash hills [...]

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4 Ways to Support Tomatoes… Well, actually 5.

Every gardener knows at least one way to support the most anticipated crop of the season. Many have their favorite way. Here’s a few options you may have heard of, and one I bet you didn’t: 1. Stakes Likely the first way anyone supports a tomato, stakes are easy to do and relatively inexpensive. Points [...]

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6 Ways to Protect Your Plants

You put a lot of work into growing food, so it is all the more difficult to bear when nature hampers or even destroys your efforts. Here are some ways you can protect your plants from what life throws at them. 1. Season extenders. Early in the season and again in the fall, depending on [...]

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