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4 Natural Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Often referred to as Tree Rats by aggravated gardeners, squirrels can do a lot of damage. They can jump 6 ft. straight up, and have been known to use sunflowers as a mode of transportation; snacks included. Fencing does little to stop these pests, unless it is an electric fence. Squirrels enjoy taking just a [...]


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Winterizing the Garden

It’s spring in Australia, and just cool enough now that our southern neighbors are starting their fall gardens. Areas north have already received snow. Here in Northeastern Pa. it’s time to put most of the garden to bed for the winter. There are a number of ways you can do this, this is what’s happening [...]

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3 Common Corn Problems

1. Corn Smut This is a fungus issue more likely to be found in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties. It destroys the ear, and can have negative effects on the entire plant. It can also survive to cause issues again the following season. What we didn’t know, until it was too late this year, it is [...]

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5 Ways to Handle Upcoming Light Frost

Well, the weather forecasters are saying the F-word again. Last year frost didn’t hit until the end of October, but we can’t always be that lucky. Here are a few ways to handle your veggies with the cold temps coming: 1. Harvest them. All of the heat loving crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, summer squashes [...]

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1 Problem with the Three Sisters of the Field

The Three Sisters of the Field is a traditional method for growing corn, squash and beans that was introduced to the pilgrims by the indigenous people of this country. It is gaining in popularity as more home growers learn about it. Intercropping veggies in this way helps save space, cuts down on weeds, and the [...]

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The Weather Changes Everything

Here and in many other places in the northern U. S. the weather has been unseasonably cold. People have mentioned the now dreaded term Polar Vortex, though technically that isn’t what is happening. Still, we have yet to see temperatures hit 90F, and for some of the veggies growing, this is confusing. The hardest hit [...]

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Make Like a Bee & Help Pollinate Your Tomatoes

David L. Green is a gentleman we e-met on Facebook, who has a great deal of knowledge about the pollination process. In many cases, we consider him to be a go-to expert. On a few occasions, when a fellow gardener asked about lack of pollination on their tomato, eggplant and/or pepper plants, he advised them [...]

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How to Help Veggies Grow Vertically

There are some plants that grow vertically so naturally, that all you need to do is have a support nearby. Cucumbers, pole beans and peas, and luffas are wonderful examples of edible plants whose system of tendrils helps them grow up just about anything. And then there are plants, most notably tomatoes, that are not [...]

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$100′s of Food in a Small Space – You Can Grow That!

Since you are reading this you are probably already a gardener, congrats! Perhaps you have a lot of space that you would like to optimize, or maybe you just want to get more from a smaller area. There are gardening techniques that have been around for thousands of years that can help you do just [...]

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5 Surprising Long-Term Veggies

Depending on your particular climate, there are many non-perennials that you need only plant once to harvest year after year. Here in Zone 5/6, this is what we are working on: 1. Parsnips These are biennial vegetables, meaning they produce roots and leaves the first year and flowers the next. We overwintered our parsnips and [...]

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