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what we've learned from our Ladies

Oct 30

About Culling Chickens

Scissor Beak in a baby chick.

If you have ever heard anyone use the term cull, as in culling a flock of chickens, or cull a chick, it means basically to separate the desirable from the undesirable. In the chicken industry this can mean removing the male chicks. Often they are killed, but some small chick producing companies like MyPetChicken try …

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Oct 16

Caring for Baby Chicks

Caring for Baby Chicks

These female chicks arrived yesterday at just three days old. We purchased them from a site recommended by a friend called The company has a lot of great info, and if you are thinking of starting a backyard flock I suggest you go there to read up on it first. Their minimum shipment is …

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Jun 13

6 Ways to Deal with High Egg Prices

fresh farm eggs

If you listen or read the news at all, you have most likely come across at least one story about rising egg prices. It is, of course, the end result of the avian flu. The spread of this disease means many chickens kept for farmed egg laying are being slaughtered. Some grocery stores are even …

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Dec 06

9 Things to Understand About Backyard Chickens

Having your own small backyard chicken flock is both entertaining and worth the effort for the eggs, but like any project you need to know what you are getting yourself into first. 1. Know how many chickens you will want. You should get at least two so they have companionship. Understand that each chicken will …

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Jan 19

4 Things to Know About Eggs

backyard raised eggs

There are a few things about eggs that might surprise you. 1. The term ‘free range’ only means the chickens have access to the outdoors. It does not mean they actually go out. “What?” Yep, that’s right. A coop with a window technically has access, yet the chickens may remain indoors and even in cages …

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Oct 26

“So this Guy Across the Road Gets a Rooster, Right…”

chicken sign

Sounds like the opening line to a good joke, doesn’t it? Well, at first anyway, we weren’t laughing. Before I go on, a few things about hens: 1. You don’t need a rooster to get eggs, only to get chicks. 2. Chickens lay less as the days get shorter. 3. They lay less when molting …

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Oct 02

Hens and Chicks

hens and pullets

With 5 hens in the backyard coop we have too many eggs to eat ourselves, but too few to sell. The solution? Eat more eggs. We got more chicks. The thing is, hens form a pecking order, and don’t want to let anyone else into that group. Last fall we moved our hens to …

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Sep 11

How to Test the Freshness of Eggs

home farmed eggs

So you got yourself some chickens, and just maybe- like me- you didn’t keep perfect track of when the eggs went into the refrigerator. If it was less than three weeks ago, you’re still ahead of the factory farmed eggs. Perhaps you know all your eggs are fresh, but you want the freshest to make …

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Jan 03

Chillin’ the Crib

compost bin

Chickens can handle the cold, so winterizing a coop is more about you than them. Since my Ladies don’t like to walk on the snow, I cover the first section of their run with some 4 mil plastic (I just use a drop-cloth from the hardware store.) This keeps the snow from falling, or even …

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Nov 29

Hen Pecked

More of our flock.

We’ve had some of our chickens for a year and a half, and although it seemed that our White Leghorn Pertelote was at the top of the pecking order, and actual order wasn’t too clearly defined. That was until they got their new coop. I guess the change in environment prompted them to work on …

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