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Jan 09

The Big Bug Hunt

Gardening Jones shares info about The Big Bug Hunt project.

Because I am obsessed with gardening, my husband says “possessed”, I often come across sites that not everyone will find. That was the case this morning when I opened an email from Mother Earth News. I will admit I don’t always open their emails, but this particular one was on planning  a garden and if …

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Jan 09

11 Edibles to Grow in a Survivalist Garden

You might look at your garden differently if your very existence depended on it. Of course you would consider balanced nutrition, but you also might look at storage ability and depending on where you live, even growing edibles in disguise. Here are a few foods to consider if you want to rely more on your …

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Dec 13

6 Ways to Make Your Life Better in 2016

We’re down to the final two weeks of the year and although this is a little off-topic, I wanted to post it in hopes that it might make the next year better for you. 1. Make a To-Day list. Keeping a daily list of what you want to accomplish is one of the common habits …

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Jul 19

How to Avoid the Need for Insecticides

Photo credit: Tom Moon

Consider: Insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs as well as bad bugs. Organic insecticides kill bugs. Good bugs and bad bugs. Insecticides should be avoided, and by all means when used, used properly. Here’s the thing. Some gardeners make the assumption that if an insecticide is organic, it is okay to use with abandon. It isn’t …

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May 04

5 Great Reasons to Grow a Pixie Grape

growing grpaes in containers

Okay, so we know this Pixie Grape is still a wee plant, but we wanted to share info about it in case you want to get your hands on one as well. So use your imagination, and picture this: 1. This variety grows best in a container, even small ones. So, even if your garden …

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Apr 12

The Parsnips Experiment Conclusion

regrowing parsnips

Part 1 Part 2 Here’s the recap: In the spring of 2013 we planted parsnip seeds in our Zone 5/6 garden. That fall, we harvested some of the roots and left others to overwinter. In the spring of 2014 we harvested some of those roots, and left a few to go to seed. Since we …

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Mar 28

9 Ways to Teach Children About Food

pears, not avocados

Recently I was at the local grocery buying some fresh produce. Let me tell you, it was hard; but I needed to have fresh for a reason and everything at home is preserved right now. There was a young man checking me out, and he really wasn’t looking at what anything was, just at the …

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Jan 18

4 Easy Ways to Help the Bees

By now most people know that the bee population is declining and we need to act swiftly to stop and hopefully reverse it. But you might think there is little you can do personally to help. That’s not true, you really can make a difference. Here’s how: 1. Give them a home. Build a Mason …

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Apr 22

1 Thing You Can Do to Make Earth Day Even Better

Gardening Jones looks at ways to simplify your life, have more time, and be less stressed.

What an interesting concept, Earth Day. And a wonderful opportunity to make a change. Being that you are here reading, you are most likely already a gardener. Good for you! If you are growing without the use of any pesticides, even better. Bugs don’t know the difference between organic and non, and pesticides don’t discriminate …

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Apr 15

Save Money on Gardening – Even at the Last Minute

Patience grows the garlic.

Sometimes patience pays, well, maybe it’s actually procrastination. Call it what you will, there are cases where putting off ordering your seeds, plants, and other gardening supplies can actually save you money. Some examples: Johnny’s Select Seeds is currently offering a free shipping discount. Ours came as a post card in the mail yesterday, but …

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