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Feb 25

4 Ways to Get Tomatoes Sooner

Gardening Jones shares a few tips to help you get your homegrown tomatoes sooner. Yum!

It probably dates back to the Victory Gardens, or even before, that suburban gardeners have unspoken competitions as to who would get that first ripe tomato. For us country dwellers, it is more a matter of feeding the need to taste a sun ripened tomato again ASAP that drives us to find ways to make …

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Jul 05

Confession #77 The Parsnips Monster

growing parsnips as perennials

Okay, so what began as a simple experiment has gotten out of hand, I admit. The bed pictured was thinned dramatically in the spring, enough to even plant some kohlrabi in one area. But the parsnips just kept coming. Not only did they spring up in the bed, as you can see they grew outside …

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Apr 12

The Parsnips Experiment Conclusion

regrowing parsnips

Part 1 Part 2 Here’s the recap: In the spring of 2013 we planted parsnip seeds in our Zone 5/6 garden. That fall, we harvested some of the roots and left others to overwinter. In the spring of 2014 we harvested some of those roots, and left a few to go to seed. Since we …

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Mar 22

The Unexpected Tomato Experiment

starting seeds

In all our years of gardening, this is the first time we have seen this. The tomatoes pictured above are Pineapple tomatoes, the seeds of which were started Feb. 24th. The larger plant sprouted just 9 days later on March 5th. After about 10 days it was ready to be transplanted to this larger container. …

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Feb 24

Parthenocarpic, What a Wonderful Word

growing cucumbers indoors

It kind of just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it? What it refers to is a veggie, like the cucumber shown above, that does not need pollination to produce fruit. This particular one is called Corinto, an F1 hybrid that we purchased seeds from Johnny’s Select. We chose this one because it will bear a …

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Nov 16

12 Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs to Grow Indoors

growing food indoors

When it comes to larger financial decisions, my husband and I hold off unless we both agree. Usually, when one person doesn’t want to spend the money, the other one finds creative ways to talk him into it. 😉 And so it was with an unheated room that would be a great place to not …

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Sep 01

Perennial Parsnips Part 2

parsnsip seedlings

This experiment is already over a year in the making, having first planted the seeds in the spring of 2013. Last April we looked at the beginnings of it, and what the plan was. Basically, it is an effort to get a biennial root crop to reseed itself, thus making it one veggie we never …

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Jul 26

6 Warm Weather Plants to Grow in Colder Areas

Baby Clementines

You are not as limited by your growing region as you might think. Over the last few years we have discovered there are more plants that can be grown in a cooler region, like here in the northeast zone 5/6, than we thought possible. 1. Meyer Lemons We purchased a grafted tree that can be …

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Jul 08

How to Grow Turmeric

how to grow turmeric

This is one of the fun gardening experiments of the year, and is mostly inspired by the sheer determination to be able to grow curry. Turmeric is a relative of ginger, and does grow pretty much the same way. In our case it differed in that it took almost 6 weeks to sprout. We planted …

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Jun 21

An Unexpected Experiment – Moo Poo Tea

Growing sweet potato slips.

The idea was to start sweet potato slips, to see if growing your own produced a better harvest per dollar spent vs. buying slips. The other question we wanted to look at was whether or not it made a difference using a whole potato or cutting one. Pretty basic stuff, really. So it was about …

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