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Don't eat cheap, fast or poison

Jan 03

3 Ways to Really Hurt Monsanto

“I’m not going to buy from that seed company, they are owned by Monsanto.” “Where can I buy non-GMO seeds?” There remains much confusion surrounding this subject, so for 2015 we’re going to lay it out there. Be forewarned this is a rant, albeit a self-restrained one. If you really want to hurt Monsanto, here’s …

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Nov 11

Gardening for Babies and Kids

growing what kids like

If you have little ones in your life, and you are a gardener, then you are doubly blessed. Choosing what to plant for healthy baby food and for older kids should center on two main things: 1. What produce has the most pesticides in it, and 2. What do kids like? The first one is …

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Aug 19

A Rant: For Our Children and Grandchildren Pt. 2

I am still ticked about what happened yesterday, and there is something I have been holding in that started to seep out in that last post. Now’s the time to get this off my chest: Lots of people talk about pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered foods; this is important information to get out there. Here …

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Aug 18

A Rant: For Our Children and Grandchildren Pt. 1

gardener's perspective

The facility I work at has on site a pre-school program, government offices, a senior center, a playground and a little league ball field. It is a place where many local residents can find something to do. Today, a 16 year old boy shot a younger boy playing nearby with an air BB gun, multiple …

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Jan 07

Big Yellow Baby Steps

The original, and now the best.

Good news was out last week that General Mills has decided to change their sources for sugar and corn starch to non-GMO products, thus allowing them to take a little step and make their Cheerio’s original non-GMO. Just that one variety so far, as they say it had so little GMO in it the switch …

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Jan 05

Planning for Success

Having a goal is great; whether it is to lose weight in the new year, start a new career as an entrepreneur, or grow a garden. Having a good plan however, can make all the difference. The basics of writing a business plan can help you achieve your goal, whatever it is. So let’s leave …

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Jan 04

A Plant Based Diet – You Can Grow That!

ingredients beetburgers 005

If you have seen Forks Over Knives then you know of the overwhelming amount of evidence that shows consuming 20% or less of your protein intake from animal products can stop and even reverse health issues, as well as promote weight loss. They’re not talking mild issues either, but rather heart disease, high blood pressure, …

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Dec 17

Wonderful Homemade Knish

Ready for the oven.

Most every culture has some kind of filled dumpling recipe. The Polish serve Pierogies, while the Italian Ravioli. Chinese have numerous and varied recipes from potstickers to things we cannot begin to pronounce correctly. Do a search on the internet and you will find an abundance of recipes to choose from. Although we had heard …

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Aug 17

Tomatoes – Just Weeds with a Good Schtick

A wall of weeds.

If asked ‘If you could only grow one edible plant, what would it be?’ most gardeners would answer resoundingly ‘Tomatoes!’ And why is that? They aren’t as easy to grow as beans, or as versatile as a potato. They don’t store over the winter like a cabbage will, nor do they produce like a zucchini. …

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Jun 23

Chicken on Sundays

Colorful nutrition.

“I can’t begin to fathom that” was SaveTheWorld’s response when I was telling her how things were when I was a kid. The conversation actually started when she asked me how my day at work was. “It was pretty funny” I told her. The new woman was asking me about being a vegetarian. “If you …

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