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1 – 2 – 3 Homemade Grape Juice

If you have the space to grow vertically, grape vines are an attractive and easy to manage plant. Here’s more on that. But on to the homemade grape juice: 1. Add 1/2 cup clean stemmed grapes per pint or 1 cup per quart to clean, hot canning jars. 2. Simmer a ratio or 1/2-1 cup […]

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How to Preserve Tomatoes

Hopefully your garden is doing well and you are looking for ways to deal with an abundance of tomatoes. There are a number of options available: Freeze No need to do anything but plop them into your freezer. You can cut them up to save space, but other than that, freezing is the simplest way […]

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How to Dehydrate Vegetables

Like us, vegetables are mostly water; some as much as 95%. Removing that water dehydrating preserves food because bacteria can’t develop without the moisture. You can dehydrate in an oven on its lowest setting or use a dehydrator which is designed to keep the temperature even and also provide air flow which helps to absorb […]

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Cold Storing Carrots

Carrots are such a wonderful crop to grow in part because there are so many ways to store them. They can be blanched and dehydrated or frozen, left in the ground up until it freezes, held in the refrigerator for a few weeks, or kept in cold storage well into the winter. Simply trim the […]

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How to Make Cornmeal

Cornmeal is simply ground corn kernels. If you would like to have the independence to make cornmeal yourself, here is all you need to do: 1. Choose seeds. Any seeds will work, but it is better to pick a variety recommended for cornmeal. Most seed companies will put that info in the seed description. 2. […]

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The Best Way to Freeze Corn on the Cob?

Most people that freeze corn do it off the cob. It takes up so much less space that way. But eating corn on the cob is fun, the kind of fun that reminds you of being a kid. So when we bought the 100+ ears from our local farmer last summer, we decided to do […]

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How to Store Onions

You’ll know your onions are ready to pick when, like garlic, they lie down. There are a few different ways to store them. For keeping indoors in your fridge or any cool, dry place, let cure outside in the sun for a few days. Then just trim the tops and wash off any dirt, you […]

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6 Ways to Preserve Herbs

How you choose to preserve herbs you grow depends mainly on how you intend to use them. Here are the how to’s and in some cases, the why to’s: 1. Drying– simply hang the bunch of herbs upside down in a brown paper bag. The bag not only keeps the spiders away, it will catch […]

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5 Wonderful Grains for Your Home Garden

Did you ever stop to wonder just how self-sufficient your garden could make you? Sure you can grow great veggies, even a good protein source through dry beans. But what about grains? Although technically these are not all grains, we are listing them because they are used that way: 1. Corn Most often thought of […]

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5 Rules for Home Canning

Home canning is easy enough to do. If you are just starting out, here’s a little information to help. 1. Measure headspace from the very top of the jar down to the top of the food. Having the right amount of headspace is very important. Too much headspace and the jars may not seal properly. […]

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