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How to Dehydrate Vegetables

Like us, vegetables are mostly water; some as much as 95%. Removing that water dehydrating preserves food because bacteria can’t develop without the moisture. You can dehydrate in an oven on its lowest setting or use a dehydrator which is designed to keep the temperature even and also provide air flow which helps to absorb […]

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How to Make Cornmeal

Cornmeal is simply ground corn kernels. If you would like to have the independence to make cornmeal yourself, here is all you need to do: 1. Choose seeds. Any seeds will work, but it is better to pick a variety recommended for cornmeal. Most seed companies will put that info in the seed description. 2. […]

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How to Store Onions

You’ll know your onions are ready to pick when, like garlic, they lie down. There are a few different ways to store them. For keeping indoors in your fridge or any cool, dry place, let cure outside in the sun for a few days. Then just trim the tops and wash off any dirt, you […]

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5 Wonderful Grains for Your Home Garden

Did you ever stop to wonder just how self-sufficient your garden could make you? Sure you can grow great veggies, even a good protein source through dry beans. But what about grains? Although technically these are not all grains, we are listing them because they are used that way: 1. Corn Most often thought of […]

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Gluten Free Low Carb Bread Crumbs – You Can Grow That!

Whether you are allergic to wheat, have a problem with gluten, are trying to reduce carbs in your diet, or are just looking for a healthier alternative to the typical store-bought bread crumbs, your garden is the place to go. It was a few years back we looked at making flour from pumpkin flesh. The […]

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Dehydrating Food

This is something that we have attempted in the past, with limited results. Herbs, yeah, they are easy. Simply hang upside down in a brown lunch bag to dry. Celery leaves, not to difficult. Dry in the dehydrator, crush, and use as a spice. But really dehydrating food seemed to be more than inexperienced me […]

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When Life Hands You a Lemon- be ‘Grate’ful

Buying organic is not always more expensive, if you take the time to compare prices- and use a little creativity. There is a store about 35 miles from us that has a wonderful selection of organic produce; our local market doesn’t carry any. So when we happen to be in that area we try to […]

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How To- Make Garlic Powder

Last year I noticed that Mandolin and SaveTheWorld preferred to use the handy store bought garlic powder to chopping fresh garlic. Alas. So this year I thought I’d try making the fresh garlic easier to use. I separated the cloves, not worrying about peeling at this point. Since I don’t have screens for my dehydrator, […]

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Dem Beans, Dem Beans

I purchased a ‘Bush Bean Trio’ from Botanical Interests seed company last spring, and wowzers are they doing well. We’ve eaten some fresh and they are wonderful, now we are getting an abundance of beans. You see, bush beans produce a lot all at once, whereas pole beans produce over a longer period of time. […]

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How to- Dry Birdhouse Gourds

Gourds are about 90% water. Towards the end of the growing season, about the mid to end of September here in Zone 5, reduce watering to encourage gourds to dry. It is best to leave the gourds on the vine until after the first frost. They can be left this way all winter, but will […]

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