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Feb 28

Mini Gardening

john deere farm

Going through my seed stash today and I noticed a pattern: Tom Thumb lettuce Tom Thumb peas Micro Tom Tomatoes Hmmm. And more: Dwarf Pak Choi Little Jade Napa Cabbage Dwarf Black Kale Mascotte green beans and Strawberry Popcorn Now these are all great if you have a small garden, or if, like me, you …

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Feb 06

Recommended Veggies for Container Gardening

Gardening Jones shares some specific varieties of veggies that do well in containers.

Smaller varieties of veggies do better for container gardening. Look for seed packs or plants labeled with adjectives such as tiny, compact, dwarf, baby or small. Other names such as Thumbelina would indicate a smaller variety. Thank you for sharing this post.

Jan 22

Growing a Butterfly Garden

Gardening Jones shares the info you need to attract more butterflies to your garden.

Gardening Jones shares the info you need to attract more butterflies to your garden.

Nov 20

The How’s and Why’s of Gardening with Kids

I want to share a very informative video with you from my friend Christina Kamp of Little Sprouts Learning Center. In her home garden she works with kids from toddlers to early teens. I have very little to add to what she says, except to agree to not expect perfection; rows will be uneven, seeds …

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Oct 04

A Positive Attitude – You Can Grow That!

smiles in the garden

“It seems like gardeners are never happy,” my husband commented a number of years ago, “Either it’s too hot or it’s too cold, too much rain or not enough. I thought gardening was supposed to be fun.” Now I knew he wasn’t talking about gardeners in general, he only knows one. He meant me. And …

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Aug 16

The Fairy Garden Gate

fairy gate

My Mother read a lot to us as children, in particular she liked fairy stories. So much so that I have a memory, whether it is real or not, of seeing fairies dance across the tops of the wildflowers in the fields next to our house. At 2 1/2 my grandson is just coming to …

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Jun 28

How to Get Melons Sooner


If you click on the picture above you can see where 6 melons are growing on this single potted plant. Not bad at all for this Zone 5/6 area at the end of June. For most gardens around here, these kinds of crops might be just starting to flower. You can see the first melon, …

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Jun 04

Planting a Memorial Garden

suggestions for a memorial garden

We all face the loss of loved ones; by planting a memorial garden we can pay tribute to them. Probably the most common thing to plant is a tree. Keep in mind its eventual height when planting, and be sure the location is the best for that type. Here are some other ideas to make …

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Apr 28

10 Plants for Gardening with Little Grandkids

Gardening Jones looks at the benefits of gardening with kids.

Last year our Sprout was just a wee bit little, as pictured above, for gardening. Sure, at 1 1/2 years old he could poke his finger in the soil and add a seed, but the concept was completely new. This year we really get to have fun! He’ll be both growing things with his parents, …

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Apr 18

My Garden Can Beat Up Your Garden

Note: This post originally was published in June, 2010. This repost is a tribute to our daughter, who is about to graduate college with numerous honors and awards. She will also be attending a prestigious University to pursue her master degree in the fall. This has always been my favorite post. My youngest daughter and …

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