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Jan 15

Farmstand Soaps

  This is where we first got started, making soaps that include organic ingredients from our gardens. If we cannot grow it, we buy organic. Read more about the ingredients we use. Soaps are 3.5-4 oz. each and allowed to air dry to remove excess moisture. This helps the bars last longer. Coming Feb. 1, …

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Jan 14

Lotions, Scrubs, & Salves

Gardening Jones shares her homemade bath products. Better for your skin, better for your wallet.

We’ve gotten our hands on some lotions that are inspired by the wonderful scents from Bath and Body. Our bulk purchase allows us to pass the savings on to you. We’re offering 8 oz. green plastic pump bottles for just $5.00 each. Really. We currently have 3 scents to choose from: Compare on Amazon Homemade …

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Jan 14

#SmelfieSoaps – Fun Meets Functional


Introducing felted #SmelfieSoaps – a fun way to wash while staying in touch with social media. Each bar comes complete with a set of #hashtags you can use to reach out to others. Okay, so they are really #TongueInCheek – but if enough people use them, they will be popular. 😉 Felted Soap is a …

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Jan 13

Just for The Hims

Gardening Jones offers a variety of handmade bath products just for the men.

Whether he is sporting a well cared for beard, a sweet ‘stash, or is as smooth as a baby’s butt, we’ve got something to help. Our shaving soaps and oils use only cruelty-free, natural products. You can choose from fabulous essential oils or wonderful fragrances. All colorants are natural micas. As with all orders, there …

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