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Find in-depth information on how to grow veggies, read info on preserving what your harvest on the blog here.


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  1. Tilly

    Subscribe to your site

    1. gjones

      Tilly, Every time I try to add you to the mailing list, it comes up as an error. I also tried to email you and it was sent back. Is this your correct email address?

  2. stephnie

    cool site

    1. gjones

      Thanks Stephanie!

  3. Leigh

    I too am having the same problems. I cannot seem to add my new email address and am unable to del the old one but I still need to subscribe! Please help.

    1. gjones

      I think the subscribe button on here is not working, but I know it is on the blog. I can put your email in myself, it shows when you left the comment. Sorry for the trouble!

  4. Tim

    Just a note to say the pop-out follow-me menu at the top left cuts off about a half character of everything on the website when viewed on a computer.

    Anyway to move content a little to right?


    1. gjones

      Thanks Tim, I had noticed that but found you can read below before scrolling. I will see if I can change the margin though, good idea!

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