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Aug 10

Chinese 5 Color Hot Pepper

Chinese 5 Color Hot Pepper

Beautiful colors of this pepper get it classified as an ornamental, but it also packs a wallop of heat; though not too hot for most people to enjoy. The Chinese 5 Color hot pepper grows well in containers, making it a good choice to grow indoors. The plant is a quick producer compared to many …

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May 25

Greenhouse Update

moo poo tea

The greenhouse has been in operation for about 6 weeks now, and it is really interesting to see how it performs. The overnight lows stay petty close to outside temperatures since we have been having many overcast and rainy days. But all it takes is a few minutes of good sun to warm the temperatures …

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May 11

The Functioning Greenhouse in Spring

The start of an experiment.

Eggplants love greenhouses, as do their relatives the peppers and tomatoes. When we last reported on the new greenhouse in late April, we were just moving the heat-loving plants in. We held off on the tomatoes though, just to be sure. Now we wish we hadn’t as they have some catching up to do. The …

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Mar 30

10 Basil Varieties

Beauty meets great flavor.

Up until just a few years ago, basil to us meant that delightful herb used in pesto sauce and many Italian recipes. Then we discovered Thai basil, and it took off from there. There are far too many basil varieties to list here, but here is a bit of an overview of what is available. …

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Mar 07

13 Eggplant Cultivars for Your Garden

The beginnings.

Eggplant is one veggie that is often neglected in the home garden. Many people find the taste unappealing, and until I tasted a dish my husband made, I would have agreed. Armed with a good recipe, eggplant can be a wonderful addition to your meal planning. It is easy to grow, often quite prolific, and …

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Feb 22

4 Colorful Carrots

Crispy color.

When most people think of carrots, they think of orange. The truth is that is not the color carrots were originally, in fact, they were everything but orange. Recently there is renewed interest in the original colors of carrots, namely red, yellow, purple and white. So here’s a little information about the colors you may …

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