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Aug 17

Hopi Red Dry Bean

Hopi Red Dry Beans

Horizon Herbs describes this bean as having ‘a nutty taste, cooking to a smooth texture, and incomparable in chili’. It is a quick growing vining type, with pretty white flowers. Native to the southwestern area of the US, these plants prefer warm weather. The pods turn from green to red, and they should be left …

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May 11

The Functioning Greenhouse in Spring

The start of an experiment.

Eggplants love greenhouses, as do their relatives the peppers and tomatoes. When we last reported on the new greenhouse in late April, we were just moving the heat-loving plants in. We held off on the tomatoes though, just to be sure. Now we wish we hadn’t as they have some catching up to do. The …

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Apr 06

Seedling Identification A-C

Tiny corn seedlings.

Whether you are new to gardening, or just growing something for the first time, it can be difficult to tell tiny seedlings apart. Many a gardener has been unsure if what is sprouting up was what was planted. And if you have started seeds indoors, it is very easy to get them confused. So over …

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Mar 30

10 Basil Varieties

Beauty meets great flavor.

Up until just a few years ago, basil to us meant that delightful herb used in pesto sauce and many Italian recipes. Then we discovered Thai basil, and it took off from there. There are far too many basil varieties to list here, but here is a bit of an overview of what is available. …

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Mar 22

Q#2 What’s Wrong With My Seedlings’ Bottom Leaves?

Those bottom leaves.

Often gardeners will notice that the first set of leaves, known as Seed Leaves or Cotydelons have turned yellow, dried up, or even fallen off. This is no cause for alarm. The job of these leaves is done, and as long as the rest of the plant remains healthy, there is nothing to worry about. …

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Mar 11

Kikuza Pumpkin

Easy to grow vertically.

Mandolin and I enjoy growing unusual varieties of food, and last summer we experimented with this Kikuza winter squash. It is a pumpkin originally from Japan, but we were able to get seeds from Baker Creek. The fruit are only a few pounds each, so they lend themselves well to growing vertically, yet they are …

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