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Mar 07

13 Eggplant Cultivars for Your Garden

The beginnings.

Eggplant is one veggie that is often neglected in the home garden. Many people find the taste unappealing, and until I tasted a dish my husband made, I would have agreed. Armed with a good recipe, eggplant can be a wonderful addition to your meal planning. It is easy to grow, often quite prolific, and …

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Feb 18

5 Things to Know About Days to Maturity

See it? To the right.

Usually you will see a number range listed on a seed packet or in a catalog that is called Days to Maturity, or sometimes simply DTM. This refers to the amount of time you will need to give that seed time to mature and start producing. Well, sort of. Here’s how to understand what days …

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Feb 16

13 Varieties of Potatoes

A nice selection.

There are so many potatoes to choose from that it can be mind boggling at first. Some can be harvested earlier than others, by as much as two months. Others have better storage capability. As for taste, we’ll leave that to you. Here’s some information on an assortment of potatoes to choose from: We like …

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