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May 17

9 Varieties of Cucumbers

Lemon cucumber

When you think of a cucumber do you think first of a salad or of pickles? How you intend to use them should be taken into consideration before you choose what type(s) to grow. Note by the botanical names that some of these varieties are not technically cucumbers, which are Cucumis sativus; but they are …

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May 11

The Functioning Greenhouse in Spring

The start of an experiment.

Eggplants love greenhouses, as do their relatives the peppers and tomatoes. When we last reported on the new greenhouse in late April, we were just moving the heat-loving plants in. We held off on the tomatoes though, just to be sure. Now we wish we hadn’t as they have some catching up to do. The …

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Apr 27

Greenhouse Temperatures

Life in the greenhouse.

It came as a surprise to us that our plastic greenhouse did not stay as warm overnight as our previous little one that was handmade from reclaimed windows. After doing research, it turns out that a lot of people have been likewise caught unaware, and looking for help. There are a number of things you …

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Apr 19

Setting Up the Greenhouse

The basic frame.

We purchased a 6′ x 8′ greenhouse kit late last spring. This spring we set about putting it up. First, the hand made mini-greenhouse had to be removed. Then we added gravel to the spot to build it up a bit. A base was built out of 4×4’s and placed on cinder blocks that were …

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Apr 08

Seedling Identification D-O


Well I couldn’t find any vegetables we’ve grown that started with D, except Daikon radishes but that will be under R. My apologies that this collection pf pics is sorely missing some veggies, like kohlrabi and kale, and the okra is larger than we want, but we promise to plant some seeds and get those …

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Apr 01

Q#3 Why Shouldn’t I Water My Tomatoes From Above?

Tomato seedlings.

A lot of gardeners know that the recommendation for tomatoes is to water them at ground level. Some just accept that as fact, and others question the advice. It doesn’t make much sense, after all, Mother Nature waters from above, right? There are a couple of things to consider here: 1. Mother Nature wants your …

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