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Oct 05

Quick Growing & Versatile, the Hopi Yellow Bean

hopi yellow bean

With less than 2 months from planting to harvesting, the Hopi yellow bean can be picked small and enjoyed like a green bean. If left for a while longer, the seeds inside will swell and they can be shelled and cooked. Continuing to let it mature, it will increase in protein and can be shelled, …

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Jan 28

Drying & Dehydrating

Orange peels fresh & after sitting out 24 hours.

Dehydrating is the process of removing water using the sun or a machine, whereas drying happens naturally. At least that is how we see it. Dehydrated and dried foods store longer than canned goods, and are nutritionally and visually more like the original state when rehydrated. On the down side, they can take more time …

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Dec 13

An Anti GMO Garden

Homegrown summer squash, so easy to do.

The long term effects of GMO plants are still being debated, though there has been numerous connections made between health problems and at the very least the high doses of pesticides that are dumped on these crops. Then they end up in most of our foods, from the obvious corn flake to less realized corn-fed …

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Nov 12

Salsa and Marinara Gardens

but the ingredients are ready.

Many people garden for very specific reasons, and if making your own Salsa and/or Marinara is your thing, consider the following: Tomato In both cases, go for a Paste or Roma type tomato. They also go by the terms Sauce, Plum, Pear and Saladette. These are smaller tomatoes with more meat and less seed per …

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