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Apr 01

12 Varieties of Swiss Chard

Gardening Jones looks at 12 varieties of Swiss Chard.

When most gardeners think of Swiss Chard, also called Silverbeet among other common names, they think of 2 varieties: The everyday¬†Swiss Chard, white stems with green leaves, and the Bright or Neon Lights which boasts a variety of colors. There are more than that and I would bet, more to come. For now, here’s a …

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Jan 28

Drying & Dehydrating

Part of the stash. And don't ask.

Dehydrating is the process of removing water using the sun or a machine, whereas drying happens naturally. At least that is how we see it. Dehydrated and dried foods store longer than canned goods, and are nutritionally and visually more like the original state when rehydrated. On the down side, they can take more time …

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Jan 19

Intensive Gardening

Planning ahead.

Even a small garden can produce quite a lot of food when you use Intensive Gardening. The plan above is for a garden 4 ft wide on each side, with two trellises at opposite ends. This size garden is easy to access for harvesting. This particular garden would hold: 1 regular tomato, staked 2 dozen …

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