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Jan 25

40 Veggies & How They Grow

Harvested tomatillos.

If you have never grown a particular vegetable before, it may be surprising to see how they actually grow. The first time we grew kohlrabi we kept waiting to see something, then all of a sudden there it was. Who knew? So here is a list for everyone, especially those of you that are new …

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Dec 28

27 Herbs for Your Garden

Lemon Balm

The table below is a guide written by my gardening father some 20 years ago. It is a good start if you are planning an herb garden, or just looking to add a few herbs to your edible gardening experience.

Dec 13

An Anti GMO Garden

Homegrown summer squash, so easy to do.

The long term effects of GMO plants are still being debated, though there has been numerous connections made between health problems and at the very least the high doses of pesticides that are dumped on these crops. Then they end up in most of our foods, from the obvious corn flake to less realized corn-fed …

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