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Nov 23

Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash

pumpkin squash

The first listing of Tennessee Sweet Potato squash seeds, then called Green Striped Bell Squash was in 1947. It was then acquired by Burpee, who changed the name. Some people suggest this is the same squash Thomas Jefferson referred to as Potato Pumpkin. The flesh is pale, sweet and dry. Many gardeners say the flavor …

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Mar 11

Kikuza Pumpkin

Here it comes.

Mandolin and I enjoy growing unusual varieties of food, and last summer we experimented with this Kikuza winter squash. It is a pumpkin originally from Japan, but we were able to get seeds from Baker Creek. The fruit are only a few pounds each, so they lend themselves well to growing vertically, yet they are …

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Nov 08

Which Veggies & Fruit Need Bees?

Bee Heaven.

Not all edible crops need to be pollinated by bugs. Some don’t need bees, or other pollinators, at all; and some benefit from them but can still produce even if they are not around. Here’s a list of what’s what: What veggies need pollinators all the time: • Cucumbers • Melons and watermelons • Berries …

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