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Mar 18

15 Varieties of Dry Beans

The beautiful Tiger's Eye.

A wonderful and often versatile crop, beans that produce edible seeds that dry right on the plant are both nutritious and easy to grow. Many kinds can also be enjoyed as a snap or shelled bean, giving you a longer fresh supply of produce. Once they dry, they are easy to store in any food …

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Mar 11

Kikuza Pumpkin

Here it comes.

Mandolin and I enjoy growing unusual varieties of food, and last summer we experimented with this Kikuza winter squash. It is a pumpkin originally from Japan, but we were able to get seeds from Baker Creek. The fruit are only a few pounds each, so they lend themselves well to growing vertically, yet they are …

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Mar 07

13 Eggplant Cultivars for Your Garden

The beginnings.

Eggplant is one veggie that is often neglected in the home garden. Many people find the taste unappealing, and until I tasted a dish my husband made, I would have agreed. Armed with a good recipe, eggplant can be a wonderful addition to your meal planning. It is easy to grow, often quite prolific, and …

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Mar 02

8 Veggies for the Busy Gardener’s Garden


So maybe you think that last year’s tomato was about all you had time to tend; and perhaps, even that was pushing it. Harvesting a whole garden may seem out of reach with your hectic schedule. But did you know there are a number of veggies that really don’t mind if you don’t get to …

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Feb 28


Now it is a winter squash.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, having forgotten to pick a zucchini, it just turned into a winter squash instead of just getting bigger and more seedy? We could probably just end this post here, because that is exactly what the heirloom Tatume does. It is a vining squash that can be picked green as a …

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Feb 15

Red Malabar Spinach

Growing up old kiwi vines.

Basella Rubra is not a true spinach, but a wonderful choice for those in hot climates. As a native of India, it loves the heat so won’t bolt nearly as fast as ordinary spinach. In case that isn’t enough reason to grow this variety, it is also a beautiful red-stemmed climbing plant with red veined …

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