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Mar 01

About Starting Seeds Indoors

indoor seed starting

There are probably as many ways to start seeds indoors as there are gardeners. Mandolin suggested we share what we do, in case it might help someone else. It is pretty basic really. We have metal shelves that just fit over our kitchen propane fireplace. This provides a heat source at no additional cost to …

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Mar 22

Q#2 What’s Wrong With My Seedlings’ Bottom Leaves?

Those bottom leaves.

Often gardeners will notice that the first set of leaves, known as Seed Leaves or Cotydelons have turned yellow, dried up, or even fallen off. This is no cause for alarm. The job of these leaves is done, and as long as the rest of the plant remains healthy, there is nothing to worry about. …

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Feb 18

5 Things to Know About Days to Maturity

See it? To the right.

Usually you will see a number range listed on a seed packet or in a catalog that is called Days to Maturity, or sometimes simply DTM. This refers to the amount of time you will need to give that seed time to mature and start producing. Well, sort of. Here’s how to understand what days …

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Oct 13

Starting Seeds

GROWING PLANTS FROM SEED With more than 50 years experience, Master Gardener Walter Kunz explains what’s needed for successful seed starting. The first requirement is to start out with the proper equipment. ยท You will need a container to hold the growing medium. We recommend a clear plastic dish 8″ in diameter which is normally …

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