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May 11

The Functioning Greenhouse in Spring

The start of an experiment.

Eggplants love greenhouses, as do their relatives the peppers and tomatoes. When we last reported on the new greenhouse in late April, we were just moving the heat-loving plants in. We held off on the tomatoes though, just to be sure. Now we wish we hadn’t as they have some catching up to do. The …

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Feb 18

5 Things to Know About Days to Maturity

See it? To the right.

Usually you will see a number range listed on a seed packet or in a catalog that is called Days to Maturity, or sometimes simply DTM. This refers to the amount of time you will need to give that seed time to mature and start producing. Well, sort of. Here’s how to understand what days …

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Jan 19

Intensive Gardening

Planning ahead.

Even a small garden can produce quite a lot of food when you use Intensive Gardening. The plan above is for a garden 4 ft wide on each side, with two trellises at opposite ends. This size garden is easy to access for harvesting. This particular garden would hold: 1 regular tomato, staked 2 dozen …

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Nov 17

Succession Planting Simplified

Autumn in the garden.

Learning to follow one crop with another is not as daunting as it might seem. There are only two main things you need to know to get a handle on succession planting: 1. How long from planting until harvesting. 2. Who is related to whom. It’s all about timing and rotating crops. Consider this three-year …

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