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Nov 02

Zucchino Rampicante

Vining Zucchini

Whether your garden is large or small, you probably want to make the best use of it. That’s why you may want to consider Zucchino Rampicante. This delicious squash grows vertically easily and produces an abundance of light green summer squash. Harvested small they are a wonderful addition to any recipe you would use zucchini …

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Oct 19

15 Dry Corn Varieties

dry corn seeds

There is a lot of crossover with corn, many varieties of dry corn can also be enjoyed as sweet corn or roasted when the cobs are young. Also, varieties listed as good for cornmeal may also be good for popping, though in general popping kernels have a pointier base. The difference between corn grits, corn …

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Oct 05

Quick Growing & Versatile, the Hopi Yellow Bean

hopi yellow bean

With less than 2 months from planting to harvesting, the Hopi yellow bean can be picked small and enjoyed like a green bean. If left for a while longer, the seeds inside will swell and they can be shelled and cooked. Continuing to let it mature, it will increase in protein and can be shelled, …

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Sep 21

28 Kinds of Veggies and When to Harvest Them

When to harvest corn.

Some veggies make it easy to know when to pick the, tomatoes for example. Others, not so much. So here is a chart of many of the most common veggies, and when to harvest them:

Sep 07

The Wonderful Jersey Devil Tomato

Jersey Devil Tomato

A friend gave us one Jersey Tomato plant last spring saying “You’ve got to try this tomato.” That kind of enthusiasm usually ends up with a good outcome, and this was no exception. This heirloom indeterminate paste type tomato produces clusters of long narrow fruit that can get to be a good size, easily 4-5 …

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Aug 26

2 Varieties of Heirloom Zucchini You’re Gonna Love

Caserta Zucchini

Somewhat by fortunate accident we ended up with a total of 3 zucchini beds made of 2 different varieties of heirloom zucchini. Neither variety is very prolific, which means our kitchen is not inundated with green summer squashes. Since both can brag a flavor far superior to any zucchini we had ever tasted, every harvest …

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