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Apr 08

Seedling Identification D-O


Well I couldn’t find any vegetables we’ve grown that started with D, except Daikon radishes but that will be under R. My apologies that this collection pf pics is sorely missing some veggies, like kohlrabi and kale, and the okra is larger than we want, but we promise to plant some seeds and get those …

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Feb 18

5 Things to Know About Days to Maturity

See it? To the right.

Usually you will see a number range listed on a seed packet or in a catalog that is called Days to Maturity, or sometimes simply DTM. This refers to the amount of time you will need to give that seed time to mature and start producing. Well, sort of. Here’s how to understand what days …

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Feb 02

How to Start Seeds

With just a little water they are ready to go.

Gardeners take their seed starting quite seriously, and that’s fun to do. Really though starting seeds is simple enough.. You need seed starting mix, a container, water and of course seeds. Here is one method that is quite inexpensive. Simply cut bathroom tissue rolls in half, and place uncut side down in a container. You …

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Nov 30

Gourmet Gardens

Stir fry with fuzzy gourd, it just sounds so interesting.

If you are planning a gourmet garden, or choosing plants for the gourmet in your life, go for the more unusual. Carrots Shoot for a rainbow of colors. Orange carrots are ho-hum, but add in some whites, reds, purple and yellow varieties and now they become pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. …

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Nov 17

Succession Planting Simplified

Autumn in the garden.

Learning to follow one crop with another is not as daunting as it might seem. There are only two main things you need to know to get a handle on succession planting: 1. How long from planting until harvesting. 2. Who is related to whom. It’s all about timing and rotating crops. Consider this three-year …

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Oct 22

Planning a Butterfly Garden

Dill is a favorite of some caterpillars.

If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, you need to know which butterflies are local to your area, and what plants they like. Even more important, what do their caterpillars like to eat? Butterfly caterpillars or “cats” can be found nibbling on the leaves of Asters, Anise, Carrots, Dill, Fennel, Milkweed, Parsley, Parsnips, …

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