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Jul 27

5 Varieties of Long Day Onions

Walla Walla onions

In southern regions of the country, onions are grown in the winter and early spring, when the days are shorter. Here in the north we plant onions in the spring and grow them throughout the long days of summer. It is important to choose the right type of onion for the area you grow in. …

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Jul 20

3 Lessons Learned in the Mini Greenhouse

greenhouse growing

It has been about 10 weeks now playing with the greenhouse, and a few lessons learned. One, the hard way. 1. Use a fan. An oscillating fan will not only help keep the greenhouse cooler, it is important to have good air circulation. Our tomato plant developed a bacterial disease, and this may have contributed …

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Jul 13

Colorado Potato Beetle

Colorado Potato Beetle

Looks innocent enough, right? But the female Colorado Potato Beetle will lay batches of about 30 eggs on the undersides of leaves of the potato. She can do this multiple times throughout the growing season. They are sometimes also found on peppers and eggplant. Within a week or two the eggs will hatch and the …

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Jun 17

8 Varieties of Sweet Corn

varieties of sweet corn

Sweet corn is one of the most anticipated crops of the summer for many gardeners. Here are a few varieties we are personally familiar with. Unless noted as HL for heirloom, all varieties are hybrid: SU- Standard type. Should be enjoyed as soon as it is ready to harvest or the sugar will convert to …

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May 25

Greenhouse Update

moo poo tea

The greenhouse has been in operation for about 6 weeks now, and it is really interesting to see how it performs. The overnight lows stay petty close to outside temperatures since we have been having many overcast and rainy days. But all it takes is a few minutes of good sun to warm the temperatures …

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May 11

The Functioning Greenhouse in Spring

The start of an experiment.

Eggplants love greenhouses, as do their relatives the peppers and tomatoes. When we last reported on the new greenhouse in late April, we were just moving the heat-loving plants in. We held off on the tomatoes though, just to be sure. Now we wish we hadn’t as they have some catching up to do. The …

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