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Tilly, Every time I try to add you to the mailing list, it comes up as an error. I also tried to email you and it was sent back. Is this your correct email address?

cool site

I too am having the same problems. I cannot seem to add my new email address and am unable to del the old one but I still need to subscribe! Please help.

I think the subscribe button on here is not working, but I know it is on the blog. I can put your email in myself, it shows when you left the comment. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks Stephanie!

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Gardening Jones (tm) is a self-proclaimed gardening addict sharing with those similarly afflicted on her blog. She has been seen on PBS, has a YouTube Channel where she shares even more info, and has been published in Horticulture magazine and is a regular contributor to their blog site as well as local publications.

She lives and gardens in Northeast Pa. zone 5/6

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